Emotionally Charged Action or Non-Action – May 23

Pm Thursday, May 23

At 7:11pm (EST) Mars at 5:03 Cancer Squares Chiron at 5:03 Aries.

This has the potential to be pretty rough for anyone strongly in 3D. Mars in Cancer is ‘initiating drama’ aggressively, even. Mars rules Chiron in Aries and we can all feel insecure with this aspect. Though NOT initiating some action could also cause the dramatic emotional response. It is a double-whammy with men or our own ‘male’ energy (we each have a Mars in our chart and we each FEEL Mars). It could just be an internal battle around your will today. You really want to ‘nurture’ Cancer-style, but your insecurity won’t let you so you wind up using a heavy-hand or doing nothing at all which hurts you even more. If you can, seek to nurture regardless.

Learning from the ideas embedded in the Wizard of Oz

In 5D, you simply watch the dynamics. It doesn’t mean you don’t FEEL the energies, but rather you FEEL them coming and know how to respond Soulfully. Let what will be, just be.

Right now Mars is the only Planet showing us some of what is ahead for the upcoming Eclipse season. Here is a list of his aspects in June:

June 1 – Mars will reach the Jul 2 Solar Eclipse degree at 10:38 Cancer and his actions at that time will reveal something of the RAPID CHANGE, FRESH START of a Solar Eclipse.

Jun 7 – Mercury in Cancer begins to follow Mars through these aspects beginning with a Sextile to Uranus and the Square to Chiron on this day.

June 11 – Mars will Quintile Uranus

Jun 12 – Mars Conjuncts the North Node

Jun 14 – Mars Trines Neptune

Jun 14 – Mars Opposes Saturn Rx (it will be helpful that Saturn and Neptune at in a very tight orb of a Sextile.

Jun 18 – Mercury Conjuncts Mars at 21:43

June 19 – Mercury AND Mars Opposes Pluto Rx

Jun 20 – Mercury Biquintiles Jupiter

Jun 22 – Mars will Biquintile Jupiter

Pay attention to the actions you are taking without much thinking right now as you will begin to see the story Mars is leading us into for the Eclipse cycle.

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