Gemini Plans Scrutinized Soulfully & Powerfully – May 24

Friday, May 24

At 7:32pm (EST) the Sun at 3:30 Gemini Semi-Squares the North Node at 18:30 Cancer.

Some clarity that may irritate you. You are setting goals for things to do with your neighbors, classmates, cousins and siblings, but maybe you see that you need to tend to home or family before anything else. Or your conscious mind is making plans that don’t exactly align with the clarity you are receiving around family, mom, home and land. You need to focus your focus less on ideas and communication and more on nurturing and tending to the needs of your family.

At 9:48pm Mercury at 7:56 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 22:56 Capricorn.

We will need to adjust our ideas and expressions in order to achieve some harmony with a Pluto in Capricorn-type: father, authority, benefactor, investor, intimate partner (or someone misusing their authority that is shown by the House you have Pluto Transiting in at the moment.) Mercury is off making his own plans and exercising what he calls ‘free will’ while Pluto is looking on and questioning him. Adjust your words and plans to this authority-type and there will be an ease. Pluto can be very adept at slowing Mercury down so it will all occur quickly and effectively to restore some ease between you.

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