Inspiring, Karmic & Soulful Clarity – May 25/26

Saturday, May 25

On Friday the Sun Semi-Squared the North Node at 4+ Gemini. Now the Sun is going to aspect another Soulful point (Chiron), Uranus and Saturn as Mercury did on Wed and Thurs. Mercury brought ideas and communication and the Sun will be bringing the clarity.

At 4:39pm (EST) the Sun at 4:21 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 4:21 Taurus.

Some clarifying revelation, inspiration and change. Your local community or neighborhood goals will receive some inspiring insight in ways to acquire the resources you need to meet them. Maybe you are looking at new cars and you find a ways to finance it that you hadn’t thought of. Maybe you need a new way to get to work and you suddenly decide on a scooter to help you with costs and you are inspired to hit the road on it.

Sunday, May 26

At 8:00am the Sun at 4:58 Gemini Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 19:58 Capricorn.

Here the clarity will create an adjustment to your career goals based on your transportation needs or neighborhood objectives. If you are knit into your community what career goals would need to be adjusted to keep you there and give you more time to spend with your ‘hood.’ What communication adjustment can you make in order to move into that new career that you’re considering. Your sibling is the patriarch of the family. How do you need to adjust yourself to accept his/her initiatives?

At 12:37pm the Sun at 5:09 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 5:09 Aries.

You can clearly see how some insecurity may be tripping you up lately and you want to find ways to express yourself more clearly right now. Or you may see how you need to take action today in order to do what you have been afraid of doing. Whatever you see today, gratitude is the way to manage this energy. Acceptance of any wounding pain you have been feeling will show you how to move into a more 5D perspective of ‘wounding’ which eliminates the pain. You may physically have some pain, but your Soul Awareness doesn’t feel it anymore. Acceptance of our physical limitations is a good thing right now. Aries is a physical Sign of initiating action. Are you having trouble starting your day? Getting out of bed? Low energy? These are aspects of Chiron in Aries energy. Accept it. There is some silver lining down the road as you are suspended in a space that will help you be where you need to be.

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