Boomerang Finger of God into Saturn & the South Node- 5/27-31

As of May 27 Jupiter Rx at 21+ Sagittarius applying in Sextile to Psyche at 18+ Aquarius both make Quincunxs (adjustments) to the North Node in Cancer. This energy then Boomerangs back to the South Node in Capricorn Conjunct Saturn Rx in Capricorn.

Boomerang Finger of God: Blue lines from Jupiter to Psyche, Green dashed lines from Jupiter and Psyche into North Node, Red lines back into the South Node and Saturn

Its an interesting aspect and one you may, or may not, feel. You have to be aware of the nuances of the Soulful energies (Nodes of Fate and Psyche). Let’s break it down:

North Node in Cancer has us emphasizing ‘family’ over ‘career’, mom over dad, land over social status. The South Node in Capricorn is helping us to ‘let go’ of some of the Capricorn energies in favor of Cancer: mom, home, family, land, emotional roots, hometown. The True North Node is at 18+ Cancer for a few more days and going to 17+ Cancer. But the Mean Node, which is often more indicative of the real energies is at 19+ Cancer right now.

The True South Node (18+) and Mean South Node (19+) are Conjunct Saturn Rx at 19+ Capricorn. When Transiting Saturn aspects the Nodes of Fate, we have the ability to remember past, or other, lives. Something deep is going on and it is echoing across our Soul’s experiences in this series of 9 lives. Though your Soul has been here countless times.

Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius (21+ and going down) has been helping us to review our new global perspective of abundance, optimism and higher consciousness or our spiritual philosophy. He is expanding our awareness of the big picture so that our Personal values (as shown by Venus) can be expanded to take in all people with us.

Jupiter and Saturn are Transpersonal Planets so this Boomerang FOG is involving one or two more people in this aspect.

Psyche is our ‘Soul mind’ and it brings up lessons of the Soul wherever he is Transiting. Unlike the North Node which will bring up shared lessons, Psyche is quite personal to each of us. But Psyche is Transiting Aquarius which rules groups of people. So the lesson is one around equality/equity, fairness, independence of the individual within the group, social network, charity, philanthropy and CHANGE.

In this configuration, Jupiter Rx is working productively with Psyche (Sextile). They are both involved with universal principals and ideals. They want want is right (Aquarius) and just (Sagittarius) for everyone. And with the universal values in mind, the individual is well served too.

The North Node is highlighting some very personal areas of mom, home and family. Often times our ‘blood’ ties are exclusionary of ‘others’. But the North Node helps us see the Soulful perspective which ISN’T exclusionary. Any application of ‘exclusion’ is very Karmic and Cancer and Capricorn ARE Karmic Signs. Not all ‘moms’ and ‘dads’ fit our philosophy of being ‘good’ parents. This is one of the major ways we get to experience our 3D reality… the Karma within the family.

But the North Node is serving as the focal point of Jupiter’s and Psyche’s energies to open up the family to our Soulful and spiritual perspectives and philosophies. How can we bring nurturing into a broader context with all and groups? How do we keep groups from overrunning personal freedoms and family ties?

All of the energy, however, Boomerangs back into the South Node Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn so the energy is in its truest, most natural, form. The South Node is saying ‘let go of some social status’ to serve the family a bit better right now. But Saturn on the South Node is still emphasizing ‘social status and career’ having to do with past or other lives AND correcting any imbalance created 9 years ago when the North Node was Transiting Capricorn and emphasizing ‘dad, career, etc.’

Still Saturn on the South Node emphasizes how our careers and our bread-winning (and ‘the bacon’) abilities typically associated with ‘father’. The overall effect is to see that families, and therefore larger extensions families which is the global view and groups of people, require BOTH mom’s nurturing and dad’s discipline.

Now the way this can play out for each of us can be seen by the Houses where we have these Planets Transiting. Jupiter may bring up a senior with their needs, college student with their new ideas of the world, a foreigner, a spiritual advisor or mentor. Saturn is going to highlight someone who is guiding you with your career or social status. Someone who may be like a ‘father’ to you. Someone who is holding you accountable to the steps you need to take to build a solid foundation to support your family.

But the Finger of God says there is an echo of other lives impacting what is going on with you and others right now. And family and your own career goals should take in what is good for everyone and not just your own family. When we seek for more than our neighbors have, we are creating a sort of Karmic backlash that WILL be played out. If we elevate ALL as we elevate our own and family needs, we do so in a 5D way (North Node, South Node and Psyche are 5D points). So, when it really comes down to it, what is the purpose of a career? Why do we need some social status? Do our aims require us to have some authority so as to serve everyone? Or our we doing it for our own satisfaction and social status?

Yesterday I started watching this show ‘What/If’ on Netflix. Timely as it brings out all of the very Karmic situations this Finger of God would show us. Yes, a Finger of God IS Karmic in nature. No avoiding that. But the Points and Planets involved in THIS FOG offer us a chance to elevate it to a higher consciousness, Soulful perspective.

And I didn’t really even mention Pluto Rx here, who is in orb of a Semi-Sextile to Jupiter Rx and moving into orb for a day or two of this rolling FOG. That Netflix show shows Pluto in Capricorn very well in the form of Anne Montgomery a very wealthy woman who was victimized in her life and continuing the Karma as she manages Billions of dollars for someone who controls her…. Sounds about right for the North Node Opposite Saturn and Pluto. But Jupiter and Psyche are bringing in more to look at and consider.

How will we bring integrity back to our power circles? This will be the KEY message from now until Jan 12 when Saturn Conjuncts Pluto at 22:44 Capricorn. Its going to be something to watch! Jupiter will be Transiting Capricorn as well which will help us navigate some of the heaviness this Conjunction can bring.

More on the Saturn/Pluto cycle soon.

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