Magical Morning to Confusing Evening – May 29

Mercury makes 5 of the 6 aspects today. He starts with a nice Hand of Merlin, but ends the day with a Square to Neptune. There will likely be words today or at least ideas so see what you can make of your conscious plans. Do they align with what your Higher Minds are telling you? Mercury makes 3 of Thursday’s 5 aspects and will meet with Uranus and Jupiter so he will be checking in with all our Higher Mind Planets (Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune) as well as 2 Soulful Bodies (Chiron and North Node) so there is plenty to discuss and plan.

At 12:01am (EST) on Wednesday Mercury at 16:44 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Venus at 16:44 Taurus.

On Monday these 2 Personal Planets each made a 5D/Magical aspect: Mercury Biquintiled Saturn Rx and Venus Biquintiled Pluto Rx. Today they make a minor aspect to each other, but maybe it will give you more personal insight into those magical aspects. We are likely to express our values and desires now. It can be productive for us to say how much we want to touch or be touched. Or what we plan to do to earn a living that will satisfy our personal desires and help with our abundant philosophy for all (Jupiter in Sagittarius).

At 1:43am Mercury at 16:53 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 22:53 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of a 3-Way Hand of Merlin configuration with Mercury, Pluto and Chiron.

This 5D/Magical aspect is effortless communication with someone who is a benefactor, power broker, or intimate partner. We may even sign on the dotted line around some new career plan or community event. Transportation issues may be solved with a bit of help from someone.

At 5:56am Mercury at 17:15 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 5:15 Aries.

Part 2 of this Hand of Merlin configuration helps us to effortless assert ourselves, our ideas and plans without any insecurity. Our actions will create the just right effect on someone. Pluto exacted a Quintile to Chiron on May 21 and is separating, but we get to apply the magic of that aspect in thoughts, words and deeds today.

At 8:39am the Sun at 7:52 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 22:53 Capricorn.

On the exact degree and minute of Mercury’s magical aspect to Pluto, the Sun provides clarity to adjust our plans and ideas a bit so that we can continue to enjoy the ease with the Pluto-entity that Mercury felt earlier. See what the adjustment is and make your new goals around it.

At 7:06pm Mercury at 18:23 Gemini Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 18:23 Cancer.

Another minor aspect but one that will assist us in keeping the required balance between career plans and family needs. Home and career are a constant juggling act (Opposition) and now our plans need to keep this balance in mind for greater holistic success.

At 9:22pm Mercury at 18:35 Gemini Squares Neptune at 18:35 Pisces.

Move through Neptune’s Fog

Our words could have a Karmic feel to them right now. They are coming from a deeper place that Mercury can go to on his own. There can be a bit of confusion that sets in regarding all that transpired earlier. But if you stay in your Higher Mind and feel your way forward using Neptune’s vague, but somewhat tangible, guidance, you can still manage to move through the fog to get where you want to go. Or to see what you were planning on. If you don’t, just accept the void for the moment and wait for the clarity to come when the Sun Squares Neptune on Jun 9. It is a bit of a wait, but it is necessary. Don’t let Mercury have you running hoops in your conscious mind to try to avoid the vagueness of Neptune. It will be clearing and you will see where you are going around Jun 9. Til then, keep the faith in anything you signed. If you suddenly feel less like communicating, it is the aspect and you need to wait it out until the energy compels you again.

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