Venus & Mercury Move Through Outer Planet Configurations – May 30

On Thursday Venus aspects the North Node and Neptune from her own Sign. Mercury meets Jupiter and Saturn, our 2 Interpersonal Planets, and Uranus the Awakener.

At 7:51am (EST) on Thursday Venus at 18:20 Taurus Sextiles the North Node at 18:20 Cancer.

A productive aspect between our values and desires and the need to be more nurturing. All day Venus is smack in the middle of the North Node and Neptune which are separating from their exacts Trine on Mar 22. As she moves through this Trine, she will be developing our values and desires so that they may be spot on with our oneness.

At 9:00am Mercury at 19:36 Semi-Square Uranus 4:36 Taurus.

Some irritating, but illuminating expressions. Mercury just Squared Neptune last night and now meets Uranus in a separating Semi-Squared with Neptune himself. Uranus and Neptune exact their last Semi-Square on May 1st. Mercury Conjuncted Uranus on May 8 and expressed some of what the Semi-Square between 2 of our Higher Mind Planets was all about. Now Mercury is in his own Sign expanding their Semi-Square to a Square. He is expressing it over the last 24 hours. What unexpected things were spoken, written or thought? Did it have anything to do with planting your garden? Or new ways to earn a living? Or new ideas for transportation, computing or local community events? Do you speak about your new and shocking values? Or who you desire? What came up like a bolt out of the blue?

At 11:19am Mercury at 19:47 Gemini Quincunx Saturn Rx 19:47 Capricorn.

On Monday Mercury made a Biquintile to Saturn, now he is in ‘adjustment’ mode with his plans. What has occurred since the effortless energy on Monday? Are you ready to adjust the plans made then to be more successful with your career or social status goals? Perhaps you need to revise some agreement. Or maybe you need to approach it from a different angle. Saturn will have his way on this one so just adjust and enjoy the ease. Discipline is called for so show that you’ve got it and complete the task.

At 12:50pm Venus at 18:36 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 18:36 Pisces.

Now Venus meets Neptune and notices how her subconscious is supporting her desires and her values. She is finding it easy to find the resources to meet her needs. She feels beautiful and loved. She is the rose in the garden.

At 11:11pm Mercury at 20:48 Gemini Opposes Jupiter Rx at 20:48 Sagittarius.

If your phone has been ringing off the hook all night, this could be the reason. There may be too much talk or too much to talk about. Though you will be able to see the difference between ‘small minds’ and ‘bigger minds’ as these 2 Planets are in their own Signs across the axis of intellect. You may find your mentor has much to share or you want to share your thoughts with them. Perhaps this mature person, as shown by Jupiter, is going to help see the benefit of your earlier adjustment to Saturn’s requirements in pursuing our career or social status goals. You may be able to see yourself becoming the mentor down the road as Gemini is the ‘youngster’ the grows up to be ‘mature and wise’ in Sagittarius.

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