Mercury in Cancer & Jupiter Ses-Squares Uranus – Jun 4-6

Tuesday, Jun 4

At 4:40pm (EST) Mercury Ingresses Cancer.

Mercury rules Gemini, which is a Mutable (Changeable) Air energy. Now he will take our conscious mind into Cardinal (Initiating) Water energy. We will be thinking and talking about our feelings. We will ask for more nurturing. We will use some sentimentality or drama in our communications in order to get that nurturing from others. Or we will express some nurturing words. We will drive to see mom, to visit our family and make plans to do so. Invites and emails for the Family Reunion will be happening. We will be discussing the security of our property, our homes and our country. Cancer is security-conscious. See how your mind changes as this Ingression.

There are no aspects made between the Transiting Planets/Points on Wednesday. There may be to your own Natal Chart. If you would like a Daily Transit Report, please contact me at or 704-488-0204. I am updating My Store and it may not be working well at moment.

Thursday, Jun 6

Six of Pentacles in Tarot from the Rider-Waite Deck

This aspect won’t exact until Thursday night, but you are feeling it strongly already. Jupiter is helping us shape a new global/spiritual philosophy. With his Sextile to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, he has been helping us to look at various leadership styles so we can pick the style we think best serves the whole of us. Uranus in Taurus is shaking up ‘ownership’ of ‘things.’ He wants to change our needs and desires. He is philanthropic and wants universal use of the available resources.

The Ses-Square says that we need to adjust our global and abundant philosophy to better align with Uranus’ leveling of the financial field. If you have been very fortunate in the stock market (Sagittarius’ speculation), you may decide Uranus’ new Venture Philanthropic non-profits are the way to invest in order to assist the global condition. If you have a large amount of personal resources that never gets used, you may decide it is time to divest yourself of your own stockpiles in order to serve a larger purpose. These concepts are scale-able so you may do this same thing on a smaller scale.

Jupiter/Sagittarius rules ‘seniors’ and their own retirement plans are a form of ‘entitlement’ (Uranus-style), though they won’t admit it. The Boomer generation are those with Neptune in Libra, making their 8th House of shared resources in Taurus which rules ‘Fixed Earth’ of acquisition and not really sharing. It is clear the global market doesn’t account for ‘retirement’ anywhere else anymore? How could this aspect begin to CHANGE (Uranus in their 8th House) their mindset (Jupiter) around being fair (Uranus)?

These are the kinds of forces these Outer Planets can mobilize, but it generally takes several aspects AT THE SAME TIME to make the big changes. Saturn and Pluto are a force to be reckoned with over the next year. They are making us accountable to doing the right thing in the face of corruption. Its going to be any interesting year ahead… as always.

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