Deep Karmic, Philosophical & Illuminating Clarity – Jun 9-11

Seeing YOU in the Cosmos

Monday, Jun 10

At 5:04am (EST) the Sun at 19:13 Gemini Quincunx Saturn Rx at 19:13 Capricorn.

Yesterday afternoon the Sun Squared Neptune and now makes an adjustment to Saturn. Neptune and Saturn are the 2 Karmic Planets and are applying to their 2nd Sextile that will exact on Jun 18. As the Sun aspects both of these Planets from Gemini we are getting clear about the role our communication style in playing in this Sextile. Yesterday we were ruminating about some communication we had and maybe we were able to see what the other people were thinking about what was said. The Sun can give us subconscious insight into the ways people are receiving communication. Now as the Sun adjusts to Saturn we are looking at how our communication style is affecting our social status and career goals. Gemini rules the rumor mill and we might be understanding how we need to adjust our ideas and communication in order to be more successful with our goals.

At 11:28am the Sun at 19:29 Gemini Opposes Jupiter Rx at 19:29 Sagittarius.

Saturn and Jupiter are the 2 Interpersonal Planets so the clarity we are receiving on Monday has to do with at least one other person. Saturn is an authority or father-like figure. Jupiter is a shepherd, mentor, foreigner or philosopher. Now we will be looking at our communication style from the perspective of a more matured, seasoned friend. Their perspective will assist us in defining good leadership styles as well as being more successful in our careers.

But right now the Sun is forming a T-Square of energy which can be quite hard to handle depending on how it hits your chart. Given that its mostly clarity and Jupiter is involved, it will be beneficial. But Jupiter Rx is applying to his 2nd Square to Neptune that will exact on Sep 21 at 17:00 Sagittarius and Pisces. These 2 Planets in tight orb of a 3D Square are challenging many of us around our escapist tendencies. If you have been drinking too much or drugging too much, you are liking feeling the need to try to get a handle on it. If you don’t know what you can do, a Reading may be very helpful. A new philosophy to manage overwhelming subconscious energy is just what this Transit should be highlighting for you. The Sun is revealing some practical goals you can take to manage it. The energy of this T-Squares pours into 19+ Virgo suggesting that you get very anal about sticking to a schedule that supports your health and saves your liver;)

Its a very helpful 36 hours we are in right now as the Sun aspects Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and then Uranus.

At 7:30pm Mercury reaches 10:38 Cancer.

I hate to break up the Sun’s clarity, but Mercury is sitting at the degree and minute of the Jul 2nd Solar Eclipse at 10:38 Cancer. You will either express something related to the Eclipse or have a clear idea what this Eclipse will be doing for you in the way of a RAPID CHANGE FRESH START. Make a mental note to pay attention.

Tuesday, Jun 11, am

At 4:11am the Sun at 20:09 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 5:09 Taurus.

Since Sunday afternoon when the Sun Squared Neptune, the Sun has been moving through an aspect that is revealing some of the on-going Semi-Square between Uranus and Neptune. Whatever subconscious irritation you have been sensing around changed desires or shake-ups to your personal resources, the Sun may offer some helpful ways to express yourself and/or frame your goals to manage the changes you are making.

Did you pick up the pattern within the last 4 aspects the Sun made? 3 of these 4 Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus) are within orb of each other, but EACH OF THEM are in orb of an aspect to Neptune. The Sun in Gemini is bringing us conscious clarity around what Neptune is up to with his aspects to each of the other Planets. Sit in the energy and SEE what you can SEE as the Sun shines through Neptune’s shroud of fog. Its a very important 36 hours.

I know this because my ASCENDANT is at 18:06 Gemini and most anyone who finds me for a Reading or who Follows my blog will have Soulful connections to my ASC. So these aspects are likely strong for you personally as well.

At 7:19am Venus at 2:56 Gemini Semi-Squares the North Node at 17:56 Cancer.

Perhaps a minor irritation between your desired plans and the needs of your family.

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