Inspired, Soulful Actions – Jun 11/12

Tuesday, Jun 11, pm

At 4:18pm (EST) Mars at 17:10 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 5:10 Taurus.

A magical and effortless aspect bringing you inspired motivations. You may act completely unexpectedly to show someone, and even yourself, how you feel. You will want to pursue beauty around the home and be inspired to do something a bit shocking to you and your family. But it will be just the right thing to do! If you have Planets or Points near these degrees, it will be especially magical for you. Uranus could show you new and electrifying desires and you will act on them. You may have new ideas for earning a living, planting an indoor garden or a new beauty regime. Mars will bring you some nurturing to make it so easy to begin anything new.

Wednesday, Jun 12

At 6:25am Venus at 4:06 Gemini Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 19:06 Capricorn.

Controlled desires. Establishing boundaries in love and finances. But when you do adjust your desires to conform to Saturn there is an ease that results. It is Saturn that helps us to form ‘relationships’ as the restrictions of our desires assists us with commitment. Venus in Gemini is chatting everyone up, but Saturn is suggesting that she be more ‘choosy’ in who she is chatting with. Just like a child who really does bloom when structures and boundaries are in place, this aspect will help you to shape a more response-able way to communicate your desires and to put in agreements for earning a living.

At 6:46pm Mars at 17:52 Cancer Conjuncts the North Node at 17:52 Cancer.

Mars in Cancer

Tonight your actions that are still responding magically to Uranus’s inspiration, will be right in line with the truest nature of Cancer. The Soulful North Node will help you to achieve something significant in the emotional arena that opens up greater understanding of ‘family’ as extensions of your own Soul’s path. Your actions will be to let go of any angst with family and nurture them in ways that soothes any 3D Karmic issues between you. Actions speak louder than words from Tuesday to Wednesday evening. It may be as simple as getting out to mow the lawn rather than argue with someone about it! Mars DOES the chores and you will have the motivation to ‘get ‘er done’ in a way that nurtures others.

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