Mars Ducks & Dives to the Outer Planets – Jun 12/13

Thursday, Jun 12, pm

At 5:45pm the Sun at 22:36 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 22:36 Capricorn.

The Sun Biquintiled Pluto Rx on Jun 7 with Pluto just 7 minutes from that meeting. So Pluto’s story is the same, though our clarity requires an adjustment rather than the effortless clarity we enjoyed during the Biquintile. How must you adjust your communication goals to continue to manage transparency in your intimacy and shared resources? Who needs to open up more in order to be transparent?

Friday, Jun 13

Mars will make the next 3 aspects and meet Jupiter and Saturn in a 3-way.

At 2:11am Mars at 18:43 Cancer Trines Neptune at 18:43 Pisces.

Neptune is already at the degree and minute of his Retrograde Station that exacts on Jun 21 just ahead of the Summer Solstice. Mars in Trine to Neptune is easy actions that will be accepted and helpful to the family and care of the land. There will be no subconscious fears holding us back so Mars is free to act in a nurturing, mothering way. This softens the male energy of the moment, but it won’t last for long as Mars is Opposing Saturn near the same time.

At 11:50am Mars at 18:58 Cancer Opposes Saturn Rx at 18:58 Capricorn.

Here Mars is feeling a bit of Karmic reverb around any earlier actions that he felt were going to go over just fine. Saturn rules father-like structure and boundaries and discipline. Mars is head-strong and acts without thinking. The contrast here is across the axis of mom (Cancer) and dad (Capricorn). While you are acting in a nurturing way, Saturn is suggesting you don’t get carried away as you may not be able to sustain that level of nurturing for long. Thankfully Mars is still in orb of the North Node and Saturn is Conjunct the South Node weakening his effect. So Mars is actually operating from the Soulful perspective here. Go ahead. Nurture and initiate emotions today. Its what is called for and Neptune and the North Node are assisting you.

At 11:53am Mars at 18:58 Cancer Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 18:58 Sagittarius.

By this point your motivations and willpower may feel like they are running an internal obstacle course having to duck and dive around Saturn and Jupiter while carrying out what deeply feels right to him via Neptune and the North Node. Whatever actions you are taking on Saturday morning, there is a lot of emphasis around it. Here there is another person who may be reminding you of your spiritual philosophy or global perspective. Is it cool to do so much for your family while ignoring the bigger pond of people in your life or a significant other? Adjust your actions if you can.

At 12:28pm Jupiter Rx at 18:58 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn Rx at 18:58 Capricorn.

Is the final aspect is a 3-way between Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Here we will have the Interpersonal perspective around our actions. What type of leadership style are you using within the family? Does bold nurturing foster strong independence? Saturn and Jupiter will have you reviewing things likely with another person regarding your actions and motivations today.

But if you feel things getting even more intense by Friday night, then you are beginning to feel Mars applying to Pluto as the Full Moon is separating on Monday morning. Oh, and Mercury is going to catch up to Mars adding some verbal emotional words to any fire that you are igniting on Friday morning. So be mindful.

On Sunday Jupiter Rx will exact his 2nd Square to Neptune. Monday am is the Full Moon and then Saturn Sextiles Neptune easing the overwhelming subconscious energy of Jupiter and Neptune. Mercury Conjuncts Mars and they both Oppose Pluto all before midnight on Monday.

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