Mercury on Mars’ Heels – Jun 15

At 2:39am (EST) Venus at 7:34 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 22:34 Capricorn.

An adjustment between our sensual desires and our intimate desires needs to be made in order for the ease. Or adjustment between our own resources and those we share with others. The others have the power and we have the ability to communicate our needs, but we must adjust ourselves to their demands in order to experience an ease. Beauty, attraction and all of those Venus assets are in play here. Manipulation, misuse of authority and corruption can be involved as well. So choose your words carefully so that an ease results.

Over Saturday and Sunday Mercury will begin moving through the aspects Mars recently made to the Outer Planets and Soulful points: Quintile Uranus, Conjunct the North Node, Trine Neptune, Opposite Saturn and Quincunx Jupiter. Where we have been watching our actions for clues to what is going on, now we will have the expressions, thoughts and ideas to say, write, think, hear what is going on.

At 7:12am Mercury at 17:19 Cancer Quintile Uranus at 5:19 Taurus.

Effortless ability to express our feelings and new desires. We may not have even realized until now just how much Uranus has been changing our desires, but this morning we will hear, write, say, think about how they have changed. We will have inspired words around feelings that create the new path we are moving towards. There could be some unexpected benefactor who offers provides resources to make your home more homey.

Tomorrow Mercury will Trine Neptune so he is moving through the Semi-Square between Uranus and Neptune speaking about how their subconscious revelations are affecting family matters.

At 1:57pm Mecury at 17:43 Cancer Conjuncts the North Node at 17:43 Cancer.

We will continue to express our changed desires in a Soulful way around mom, home, family and land. We will speak about how to improve family situations and to make plans to be there for family regardless of any Karmic angst of the past.

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