Full Moon in Sagittarius – Jun 17

At 4:31am (EST) the Moon at 25:35 Sagittarius Opposes the Sun at 25:35 Gemini creating the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

A Full Moon across Sag/Gemini challenges to see how we feel about our relationship to the local vs. global village. How do you think? Are you tied into a fishbowl mode of thinking or the big picture of things? Do you want to swim in the bigger pond? Do your ideas fit with your neighbors and classmates or can you swim with the dolphins?

Are you in the pond you want to be in? Or do you want to move to a bigger one?

There is so much more going in with this Full Moon, but I am on an adventure and need to get back to itđŸ˜‰ more tomorrow!

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