In the Wormhole of the Eclipses – Jun 17

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As of the Full Moon in Sagittarius which exacted at 4:31am this morning (Monday, Jun 17), we are now entering the wormhole of RAPID CHANGE via the Eclipses.

There are 2 Eclipses this Eclipse cycle:

  1. New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10:38 Cancer at 3:17pm on Tuesday, July 2.
  2. Full Moon Lunar Ecipse at 24:04 Capricorn 5:38pm on Tuesday, Jul 16.

Solar Eclipse cycles last for roughly 6 months, but their effect can remain in effect for as many years as the Eclipse Totality lasts in minutes.

The July 2nd Solar Eclipse is the FIRST Eclipse to have Totality over a portion of the Earth (in Chile and Argentina) since The Great American Eclipse of Aug 2017 which had Totality spanning from ‘sea to shining sea’ of the United States. That Eclipse packed a powerful punch for many of us and is just finally going to start wrapping up its effect at this Eclipse.

If you had a Planet or Point touched by that Solar Eclipse of Aug 2017, you are still dealing with the RAPID CHANGE it brought to your life.

But this Eclipse cycle should eclipse its energy and bring a conclusion to that Eclipse energy.

The WORMHOLE is a period of 6-8 weeks that spans from the preceding Full or New Moon ahead of the Eclipses to the Full or New Moon following the Eclipses. This is the most intense period of CHANGE that affects all of us.

With the Eclipses falling across Cancer/Capricorn axis, we are dealing with Karmic Signs and prominent areas of our lives moving into RAPID CHANGE energy: home and career, family and social status, nurturing and discipline, mom and dad.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius that exacted earlier this morning kicks of the Eclipse energy in decisive ways. The New Moon of Jul 31 in Leo will conclude the Wormhole and things will resume a more normal pace. It can take up to 6 months to conclude the changes the Eclipses initiate and even longer to fully wrap it up.

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