Easy Karma, Magic & Verbal & Physical Sparring – Jun 18/19

I am playing behind the power curve this morning due to many things occurring within the Eclipse Wormhole, but it can be far easier to spot some aspects AFTER they have occurred so here goes!

Tuesday, Jun 18

At 7:46am Saturn Rx at 18:44 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 18:44 Pisces.

They have been in orb of this Sextile for a few weeks now and it has been assisting us in the background to have our 2 Karmic Planets in a productive aspect to each other! If you are enjoying SOME help from your subconscious mind around career matters, this aspect would be why. There is plenty of other energies interacting with Saturn at the moment so it can be hard to tell but here, at least, we have a helpful aspect around initiating new career foundations or areas of authority because our subconscious mind isn’t tripping us up. There could be an authority figure today who is helping you along, but it can just be you initiating the right next steps over the last few weeks.

Neptune is at his final degree and minute of his Retrograde Station set to occur on Friday with the Summer Solstice. It is a busy week!!

Saturn is constructive, Neptune dissolves, Mars and Pluto can be destructive, but there is an inherent rhythm.

At 12:04pm Mercury at 21:32 Cancer Conjuncts Mars at 21:32 Cancer.

Aggressive and emotional communication. See who you are directing it towards or who it is coming from. It is either mom, family or father, authority-type. Look to the Houses where you have 21:32 Cancer/Capricorn to see the story that will hit a head on Wednesday morning. Both Mercury and Mars are applying to Oppose Pluto Wed morning. So the story will begin to show itself TODAY!

Mercury is nearing his Retrograde Shadow, but today is the final word of this story for the moment.

Wednesday, Jun 19

At 6:47am Venus at 12:40 Gemini Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 18:46 Capricorn.

What a wonderful magical aspect between our desires to communicate with someone who can help our career or someone who controls our career. This can show up in some form of communication or as someone who helps you realize what you desire right now. An authority could write a glowing recommendation for you that opens a door to your desires being achieved.

At 6:56am Mercury at 22:29 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 22:29 Capricorn.

Yes, there will be words. Words that may not feel very caring, that’s for sure. Some authority type could be suspicious of what is going on. Don’t let them get under your skin too far. It could be yourself that feels suspicious so just recognize the energy. If you can defuse your own feelings about what gets said it could help you with the next aspect.

At 11:26pm Mars at 22:28 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 22:29 Capricorn.

Don’t take the bait of the earlier expressed words or you could find yourself acting out against some authority-type. It could be that a man does want to be more nurturing, but then falls back into disciplining instead. Do your best to move through the energy without much reaction. That is a challenge for Mars who tends to act before thinking. Though your quick action could be what is called for anyway. Just don’t direct it at another person, of course. It could also be very strong passion so keep your head on there too!!

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