Magic & the Summer Solstice – Jun 20/21

Thursday, Jun 20 (EST)

At 1:15pm Mercury enters Phase 1 of his upcoming Retrograde cycle at 23:57 Cancer.

From this point forward, what you think, say, hear or write can be up for revision during Mercury’s Retrograde cycle that spans from 4:28 Leo (which Mercury Stations Retrograde at on Jul 8) back to 23:57 Cancer (when he Stations Direct on Aug 1). Don’t get too caught up with your conscious mind from now through when he clears his Shadow on Jul 31. In 5D you use your Higher Mind Planets to guide you and use Mercury as the lens to the physical world.

His Retrograde will have us reviewing things around mom, home, family and land as well as our fun, entertainment, creativity, children and romance. So when you are thinking or expressing these things from now until his Retrograde Station be mindful this is what you will be revising and reviewing.

At 6:12pm Mercury at 24:11 Cancer Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 18:11 Sagittarius.

This will be Mercury’s only Biquintile to Jupiter, but he will make 3 Ses-Squares to Jupiter over the course of his Retrograde cycle. Tonight enjoy the magical expressions you feel around your global perspective of ‘family, hometown, mom, etc.’ You may be including mentors, foreigners and others into the mix of your idea of ‘family’. You will be seeing the big picture of how family allows you a microcosm look at the global ‘family’ and be able to forgive any angst you have with family members. Whatever it is, express yourself today. Let go of the usual Cancers-security consciousness and open up to the optimism of Sagittarius.

Friday, Jun 21

At 10:36am Neptune at 18:44 Pisces Stations Retrograde.

This feels like a ‘sea-change’ of energy if you sense it. Suddenly our subconscious mind, where we are all connected and where we can KNOW ANYTHING, is reviewing what has occurred since Neptune entered his Shadow at 15:56 Pisces on Mar 1. Neptune will return to 15:56 Pisces on Nov 28 when he Stations Direct. From now until then we are reviewing the Mar 1 – Jun 21 timeframe. Something that you was hidden on Phase 1 is likely to be seen on Phase 2, the Retrograde phase. FEELING Planetary energies IS 5D. So see if you can sense the shift in Neptune’s energies and align with what he is showing. Neptune has been dissolving things in this area of your life where you have 15:56-18:43 Pisces. You will start to notice what has been dissolved.

The Summer Solstice when Sun Ingresses Cancer

At 11:54am the Sun Ingresses Cancer creating the Summer Solstice.

This chart’s energy will be affecting us over the next 90 days of the Summer season.

There is a T-Square involving Jupiter Rx (which is EXACTLY Opposite my Gemini Ascendant so I look forward to the good fortune that can bring for a longer period of time). Venus is Opposing Jupiter which isn’t hard at all, but Neptune Rx is Square both Jupiter and Venus (and my Ascendant) so there IS that;) This T-Square of energy over the entire Summer will pour their energy into 15-18 Virgo. What will be going on for your there?

Saturn Rx is Opposite the North Node so DO be accountable to balancing home and career matters. With greater emphasis on home. You could be meeting past or other-life people or recalling these lifetime situations.

With Jupiter Rx, Venus and the Sun in 4th/10th House placements for EST Solstice chart, added to the Stelliums of Cancer/Capricorn Planets and Points, there is a very strong emphasis on home/career, mom/dad, family/social status, nurturing/discipline.

The Moon is Conjunct Psyche in Aquarius so we will want to be circulating, but will feel a need to keep things equitable within groups and to allow for self-expression at the same time.

For ALL of us Transiting Uranus is in a Quintile to the North Node which will bring us great inspiration for family and money matters. Look to the Houses involved to see what magic is occurring in your chart.

Venus is still in orb of a Biquintile to Pluto Rx and Mars is in a Biquintile to Jupiter Rx. So all of this magic can only be helpful to us.

Its SUMMERTIME and the Living is Easy!! That’s what this chart is saying over all! So go get some Sun!

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