Mercury Ingresses Leo – Jun 26/27

Wednesday, Jun 26

At 5:17am (EST) on Wednesday the Moon at 15:26 Aries Squares the degree of the Jan 5 Solar Eclipse (15:26 Capricorn).

Last night the Moon Squared the upcoming (Jul 2) Solar Eclipse and now the Moon Squares the last Solar Eclipse degree. You may have some intuition around how you have managed the changes that Eclipse brought forward.

At 8:19pm Mercury Ingresses Leo.

Our communication will become more playful, creative and romantic. Mercury will Station Retrograde on Jul 7 at 4:28 Leo and return to Cancer on Jul 19 and Station Direct Jul 31 at 23:57 Cancer. He will have us reviewing and revising some of our fun AND our family and home plans. He will cross over the degree of the Jul 16 Lunar Eclipse 3 times. So we can expect to express the emotional reset of that Eclipse.

Thursday, Jun 27, am

At 4:20am Venus at 22:18 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 22:18 Capricorn.

This is the last of Venus’ run through the Gauntlet aspects to the Outer Planets, Chiron and the North Node as she Transited from 18-22 degrees of Gemini. Here she is adjusting her new desires and plans for earning a living to Pluto’s sense of intimacy and sharing. Honesty and transparency are Pluto’s highest vibration and Venus is in Gemini’s ‘dual’ mind so she needs to be thoughtful as she negotiates with a benefactor around shared resources. If you are using your resources on transportation or local community events, you may want to be sure that you are not going to need to rely on outside monies unless you have already arranged to do so. Or do your small-town values align with the corporate culture of your shared resource entity? You might need to adjust how you are spending your money or using your beauty to assist you in obtaining investment.

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