Venus Into Leo & Saturn Opposite North Node – Jul 3/4

Wednesday, Jul 3

At 7:46am Mercury at 3:41 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:41 Pisces.

This aspect was nearly exact at the Solar Eclipse and will have an effect for a longer period of time as a result. Though Mercury is set to Retrograde on Jul 7 at 4:28 Leo and will make 2 more Ses-Square to Neptune: Jul 12 and Aug 14. So what gets expressed today will be reviewed and revised. We will be discussing children, creativity, entertainment, fun and casual romance. We may be trying to make plans around these areas but are likely to be challenged in following through once Mercury changes direction on Jul 7.

At 11:18am (EST) Venus Ingresses Cancer.

Now our desires will catch up to reality that the Sun creates. Venus in Cancer will have us wanting more family time, wanting to beautify the home or update mom’s wardrobe, wanting to nurture and valuing family more than career. Venus is following the other Personal Planets’ Transit through Cancer and highlighting what we value.

Thursday, Jul 4

At 3:28am Saturn Rx at 17:37 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 17:37 Cancer.

In the midst of the Eclipse cycle we are also moving through some past and other-life scenarios. Whatever social status, career or public authority situations you are focused on right now have a major echo across the strands of your Soul’s story. There is a depth and seriousness that tells you that you are working on something significant to your Karmic past. With Saturn on the South Node, the secret to our success in this situation is to focus on the family angle, mom and land concerns in order to achieve the social status you are seeking.

At 8:32am Mars at 1:38 Leo Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 16:38 Sagittarius.

Our motivation for fun, romance and children is going to need to be adjusted to our sense of leadership and appropriate stewardship of the benefit of everyone. How does our new spiritual philosophy call us to act on behalf of children rather than for just our own good and instant gratification (Mars in Leo)? How can we create physical art that demonstrates our new philosophy? Can we demonstrate love in action? Is it a global love? If not, we will need to expand our concept of love and fun.

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