Venus Conjuncts the Eclipse Degree – Jul 12

Friday, Jul 12, EST

At 3:45am Venus reaches 10:38 Cancer Conjunct the Solar Eclipse degree of Jul 2.

Your desires will point towards the RAPID CHANGE the Solar Eclipse is bringing you. What you want now will be a result of the Eclipse energy.

At 11:06am the Moon Ingresses Sagittarius bringing optimism and abundant feelings.

At 12:18pm Mercury Rx at 3:36 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:36 Pisces.

Mercury was last at this position on Jul 3rd. Neptune was last at this position on May 30. Today with both Planets now Retrograde, we will be reviewing things from those 2 dates as well as the last Ses-Square Mercury made to Neptune on Jul 3 at 18:41 of their respective Signs. How do you now want to express your romantic feelings? Are you making a change to what was said around the Eclipse time-frame? Is your subconscious nudging you in a slightly different direction? Review is underway and some illusions you had before are now falling away. What is happening with children, creativity, entertainment and fun? What do you find yourself wanting to say today? With Mercury in aspect to Neptune since Jul 3 he has been operating in deep waters of oneness that doesn’t happen all the time. There is a sweeping review of your expressions today.

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