Moon’s Trek to Fullness of a Lunar Eclipse – Jul 14-16

Sunday, Jul 14, pm, EST

From Sunday evening until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the Moon will be pinging our intuition as she aspects Uranus and Chiron and then the Stellium of Planets and Points across the Cancer/Capricorn axis. The Moon will be heightening our emotions for the next 46 hours as we align with the Lunar Eclipse energies.

NOTE: To skip these Lunar aspects, simply scroll to the bottom for the Eclipse description.

At 7:05pm the Moon Ingressed Capricorn bringing us into the energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that exacts at 24:04 Capricorn at 5:38pm on Tuesday, Jul 16.

Monday, Jul 15

Between 8-8:30am the Moon Squared Chiron Rx in Aries and Trined Uranus in Taurus. Your intuition may have been about the challenges of asserting yourself and your new changed desires.

At 3:28pm the Moon at 10:38 Cancer Opposes the Jul 2 Solar Eclipse degree 10:38 Capricorn. What are your feelings around the changes that Eclipse brought to you? How are your new initiatives in mom, home, family and land impacting your career and social status?

Tuesday, Jul 16

At 12:42am the Moon at 15:24 Capricorn Opposes Venus at 15:24 Cancer.

Venus and the Moon are nearing the Jan 5 Solar Eclipse degree at 15:26 Cancer and via this Opposition we may be able to see how our feelings and desires around home and career has struck a new balance as the Eclipses initiated changes here. With this aspect we can FEEL our new DESIRES and own them.

At 3:18am the Moon at 16:44 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn Rx at 16:44 Capricorn. What are our feelings about Saturn’s review of our response-ability to our new career initiatives?

At 3:44am Venus at 15:33 Capricorn Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 15:33 Sagittarius.

What adjustments do your new desires for nurturing and security need to make in order to align with your new spiritual philosophy or even your new vacation plans? Are you providing resources to your family in a way that shows the abundance and optimism that Jupiter is fostering in you?

Between 4:08am and 5:00am the Moon will Oppose the True North Node and the Mean North Node at 17+ Cancer. We will need to strike a Soulful balance between our feelings around our career and our family needs.

At 1:16pm the Moon at 21:51 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto Rx at 21:51 Capricorn. Here we will have some feelings around how we, or someone else, has been using their authority that can either be helpful or hurtful to the balance between home and career, nurturing and discipline, etc.

At 5:38pm the Moon at 24:04 Capricorn Opposes the Sun at 24:04 Cancer creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are the easiest ones to watch and FEEL as they are about immediacy. If there are some feelings that you need to leave behind or to realize, Lunar Eclipses will bring end them or help you to see how you FEEL about someone or something. They are ’emotional resets’. If you think you are just about ‘over’ something, the exact timing of the Eclipse will leave you in a state of being ‘cleansed’ from any lingering emotions so you can move on to embrace the FRESH START/RAPID CHANGE of the Jul 2 Solar Eclipse.

Lying across the axis of Cancer and Capricorn, something in shutting down in a home or career situation to make way for the new energy promised by the Solar Eclipse. Just 2 weeks apart, it is like the 2-week notice timeframe of leaving a career or job. But Sun and Moon Oppositions always show us how we FEEL regarding relationships with others in the Houses of our charts where we have the Eclipse degrees. It also shows us how we FEEL about merging our private life (feelings and intuition) with our public life (ego and goals). So we can get much more clear about what is coming up ahead.

Lunar Eclipses are quick moving energy and the effects can be felt for the next 2 weeks, but not much longer than that. But with an awareness of your feelings that get Eclipsed, you can make lasting changes in your life.

Watch the exact time of the Eclipse to SEE and FEEL this Emotional Reset. Enjoy!

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