Karmic & Soulful Family Desires – Jul 17

Wednesday, Jul 17, EST

We are through both Eclipses, but in the Wormhole until the New Moon on Jul 31 at 8:37 Leo. How do you feel now around your home and career goals and relationships?

Over the next few days Venus will be moving through the Cancer/Capricorn Stellium of Planets and Points (Saturn, North Node, Pluto) as well as aspecting our Higher Mind Planets (Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune). It is a great few days to get clear on how to acquire needed assets for the family, beautify the home and establish new family values.

At 1:34am Venus at 16:40 Cancer Opposed Saturn Rx at 16:40 Capricorn.

Focused restriction of our desires that showed how we need to balance love of family with our material needs and career goals. Our nurturing needs to be balanced with discipline. Mom and dad need to strike a balance in the way they provide for the family and still maintain a strong foundation for bringing home the bacon. As Saturn is still tightly Conjunct the South Node and Venus is applying to Conjunct the North Node, there can be a strong feeling that these issues are ones we have faced in the echo of other lives.

At 8:45pm Venus at 17:39 Cancer Conjuncts the North Node at 17:39 Cancer.

Keep in mind that any acquiring of resources for mom, home, family and land is going to need to be Soulful in perspective. In other words, are we serving a higher good for our family? Venus in Cancer would love to spoil the family but that can be counter-productive in the long run. Can you work from home in order to be more present for the family’s needs? What ways can you value your family while still not being too over-protective? How does touch help you nurture more than just giving things?

On Thursday Venus will Quintile Uranus and Trine Neptune. On Saturday she will Biquintile Jupiter and on Sunday Oppose Pluto. She is the last Personal Planet moving through these aspects from Cancer.

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