Higher-Minded, Nurturing Desires – Jul 18

Thursday, Jul 18, EST

At 10:55am Venus at 18:22 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 6:22 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus in Taurus so there is some very strong value-based inspiration occurring here. What revelation around earning a living from home might you receive? Or you may get some inspiration to beautify the home or new ways to nurture family. You could find yourself suddenly attracted to groups of mothers or family groups that share the same values. But you may introduce some new values as well. This energy is effortless and can bring flashes of creative insight that shake up your world in electrifying ways.

At 1:51pm Mercury Rx at 0:22 Leo Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 15:22 Sagittarius.

This is Mercury’s 2nd of 3 Ses-Square to Jupiter during his Rx phase: Jun 29, Today and Aug 11. Mercury is reviewing your plans for adventure, romance, creativity and children in light of your newly developing spiritual philosophy or global perspective. Have you changed your plans? How has your expression around your new philosophy and perspective changed since Jun 29? Jupiter is also helping us to review appropriate leadership styles as he is Semi-Sextile to both Pluto and Saturn lately. Can you relate this new leadership style to your plans around children and having fun? There is some adjustment between our plans for ‘fun’ and our optimistic, global mind. Make it in order to enjoy an ease.

At 2:03pm Venus at 18:32 Cancer Trines Neptune Rx at 18:32 Pisces.

As the other Personal Planets made these same aspects to Uranus and Neptune, our 2 Higher Mind Planets were in tighter orb of a Semi-Square. Right now they are 37:50 degrees of separation from each other. Their Semi-Square is separating and this could afford us a better chance of enjoying a real subconscious ease today. You want to truly touch someone’s heart today and Neptune is giving the green light without hesitation. You want to treat mom in a special way and you will find no Karmic fear to stop you. Venus is still making magic to Uranus and so your desires are magically-based and effortless. The Trine is a Transitional aspect you can take from 3D to 5D so make the very most of this energy today to SHOW your desires and to offer love and touch to someone in the family who needs it.

Friday, Jul 19

At 3:06am Mercury Retrograde Ingresses Cancer.

Mercury’s review will now be affecting Cancer areas of life: mom, home, family, emotional roots, hometown and land in general. He will be retracing his steps back to 23:57 Cancer on Jul 31 when he Stations Direct. There are some changes in plans to Cancer areas that will need to be made yet.

There are no other aspects made on Friday.

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