Magic, Balance & the Inferior Conjunction – Jul 20/21

Saturday, Jul 20, EST

At 6:35pm Venus at 21:13 Cancer Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 15:13 Sagittarius.

Double magic between our 2 Healing Planets. Healing touch. Abundant philosophy. Beautiful optimism. Effortless beauty and expansive thought. Too bad this energy is so fast-moving. We could use more of this right now;) You could have some big ideas of ways to acquire resources for your family or how to share your family’s wealth with a larger group.

Sunday, Jul 21

At 4:32am Venus at 21:44 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 21:44 Capricorn.

Now it is time to strike a balance with your family’s resources and any authority type who has been a benefactor. How are mom and dad merging their resources? If mom or the family has their own resources, perhaps someone is trying to put a ‘lien’ of your holdings in some way. They may not have a legitimate claim to your land or your home, but are trying to be involved in some way. You could decide you need to seek a loan in order to enhance your home or land. Or you were very optimistic as Venus made magic with Jupiter and now you are seeing some potential ramifications from an authority-type within the family. Or you may decide to continue to work from home rather than go out and merge with the power-brokers. You get the idea. Someone wants some of you or some of your resources via loans, debts, investment.

At 8:34am the Sun at 28:28 Cancer Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 28:28 Cancer.

This is the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. It is the ‘seeding’ time of new thoughts and ideas for the next roughly 165-day cycle. Mercury has been reviewing and revising his ideas around romance, fun, children and creativity as he got far ahead of the Sun. Now he is back in Cancer and reviewing here, but with the assistance of the Sun’s reality and real-time clarity. How can you implement the goals the Sun has been giving you as the Sun continues through Cancer? Mercury is in the details of planning to meet these goals. As he moves behind the Sun, he will beginning to implement these goals.

Today is one of only 6 days each year where Mercury and the Sun are Conjunct which puts our conscious mind in touch with reality. The rest of the time Mercury is struggling on his own and creating plans that are not too likely to materialize which is when you should be operating through your Higher-Mind Planets to know what is ahead and behind. Take note of what is thought, spoken, written and expressed today as it is based in clarity and reality. With this accuracy via the Sun, you can work to ‘seed’ the next 165-day cycle.

At 11:10am Mars at 12:29 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 18:29 Pisces.

If you are looking for a good time, pursuing some fun and romance, this is the effortless green light to say ‘go for it!’ It doesn’t get any easier than this to have your cake and eat it too. There will be no voices in your head suggesting caution. In fact, those voices are likely to push you in the direction of fun and you will find yourself just following along. Mars is the forward-most Personal Planet at the moment and our actions are showing us something that is up ahead as the other Personal Planets reach Leo. The Sun will Ingress Leo on Monday night. The Sun will not catch up to Mars until Sep 2 at 9:41 Virgo. So Mars is leading us through Leo. Actions will speak louder than words for the moment.

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