Clarity & Soulful Actions – Jul 28/29

Sunday, Jul 28, EST

At 11:43pm the Sun at 5:46 Leo Trines Chiron Rx at 5:46 Aries.

Seeing your romantic goals be initiated will be possible with this aspect. You SEE what you want in the way of fun, romance and creativity and you are able to initiate it without the insecurity or lack of motivation you have been feeling recently. It is easy to SEE how this insecurity is a lesson your Soul wanted to experience so you could better understand the wounding of those born with Chiron in Aries. Stay in gratitude and it will be a great evening. The Sun is past the degree of Mercury’s Retrograde Station and so we are seeing new things in Leo that are not part of Mercury’s revision.

Monday, Jul 29

At 12:17pm Mars at 17:36 Leo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 17:36 Cancer.

While I write about the aspects to the True North Node, I am very aware of the Mean North Node as well. Mars has been Semi-Sextile to the Mean North Node (average of Sun and Moon plane variations) over the last 24+ hours so this may be a culmination of it all. Mars is pursuing fun and romance and the North Node in Cancer is helping us to focus on family over career for 18 months of this Transit. Are you including the children in your family in the fun? Are you keeping pursuing romance that is nurturing as well? Its a minor aspect, but you should detect how your actions are aligning with the North Node’s Soulful lessons.

At 7:14pm the Sun at 6:33 Leo Squares Uranus Rx at 6:33 Taurus.

The clarity tonight could actually be quite shocking, but may lead to more fun if you embrace it. You could see ways to put more fun into your desires and values. What inspiration do you feel that is shaking up your romantic desires? Are you receiving revelation to help you with some creative goals? It is a Square, but Uranus and the Sun deliver sanitizing change that you realize you needed to make. Just make it before you have a heart attack because you wouldn’t make it;)

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