Fun & Subconscious Hang-Ups – Jul 30

Tuesday, Jul 30, EST

At 9:00am this morning the Moon began aspecting all of the Planets across the Cancer/Capricorn axis so it is a day or intuition and feelings around home, family, career, etc. but also about the changes this Eclipse cycle has brought us through. The Wormhole of this Eclipse cycle ends at the New Moon in Leo on Wednesday night so we will be resuming a more normal pace in our lives after that.

At 12:12pm Mercury Rx crosses over 24:04 Cancer, the degree of the Jul 16 Lunar Eclipse.

Mercury is in review and may be revising something that you ‘eclipsed’ from your life at the Eclipse. Mercury crossed this degree for the first time on Jun 20 so there may also be some revision to plans, words and ideas expressed at that time. Mercury is slowing down for his Direct Station that exacts at 11:58pm on Wednesday (Jul 31) at 23:57 Cancer. He will cross the Lunar Eclipse degree again around noon on Friday.

At 2:50pm Venus at 3:20 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:20 Pisces.

Having fun and being flirtatious is Venus in Leo but she needs to adjust herself to some subconscious angst today in order to create an ease. Is the guy married? Or vice versa? are your children watching? Are you being too touchy for decency’s sake? Is your artwork too risque? You get the idea. Adjust to the subconscious urging and it will all be fine.

At 4:09pm Mars at 18:20 Leo Quincunx Neptune at 18:20 Pisces.

Mars are pursuing fun with great gusto, too, but he needs to adjust himself, period, to his subconscious impulses here. Can we have too much fun? Are we heading into trouble if we pursue this course of action? Or can we enjoy ourselves more if we are aware of some subconscious hang-up and we see if for what it is? Does our fun HAVE to include large amounts of alcohol or drugs? Can we simply find more fun by keeping things simple?

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