Sunday Funday – Aug 4

Saturday, Aug 3, EST

At 8:22am Mars at 20:40 Leo Ses-Squared Chiron Rx at 5:40 Aries.

There may have been an action that caused some wounding but it eventuates to an ease. You may have been pursuing some romantic action or someone was pursuing you and at first the actions hurt, but then some ease replaced it. Who was involved is determined by the placement by House in your Natal Chart where you have these 2 Planets Transiting.

Sunday, Aug 4

At 11:58am Mars at 21:24 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 21:24 Capricorn.

Following the ease of yesterday, you may have continued to pursue that romantic or entertainment avenue but now someone else is yanking your chain and causing you to adjust yourself and your actions. Pluto may be misusing his authority as he intervenes here, but it will result in you adjusting your approach nonetheless. If you were looking for resources to spend on your fun, then Pluto is the one saying, uh huh. And so you have to change your actions to something smaller or pursue a different direction.

At 12:28pm Mars at 21:24 Leo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 21:24 Capricorn.

Whatever adjustment you make above will end in an effortless action that initiates some support to others and the magical feeling will be with you for a few more hours at least. Mars meets Saturn at the exact same degree and minute as he did Pluto so both aspects are operating simultaneously. Any ducking or diving you do to appease Pluto will be ‘just the right thing’ to solidify your sense of fun.

At 5:49pm the Sun at 12:14 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 18:14 Pisces.

Mars made this magical aspect to Neptune on Jul 21 and now the Sun is going to provide some clarity around your actions from that day. You will see how you were able to move beyond any subconscious fears about having fun, romance, etc. and moved into some effortless actions that were magical. The Sun also allows us to see what Neptune is doing behind his shroud of fog as he has been sitting at 18+ Pisces since Apr 30. What is dissolving in your life and morphing into something new? That is the power behind the Sun’s rays to shoot through the fog and provide us clarity around his deep work.

And so Sunday draws to a close and on Tuesday night Venus will take the Sun’s place in a Biquintile to Neptune offering us some effortless desires for fun without any hesitation.

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