Princess, Prince & Frog – Aug 6/7

Tuesday, Aug 6, EST

At 11:31am the Moon Ingresses Scorpio and our intuition turns to intimacy, sex, debt, taxes and getting to the bottom of people’s motivations.

At 7:09pm Venus at 12:11 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 18:11 Pisces.

Venus Biquintiles Neptune Rx

This is their Opening Biquintile in their current cycle which means Venus will be Quincunx Neptune soon (Aug 11, which will be a very busy day!). For now there is a double-magic, effortless energy between our desires for fun, romance, children and creativity and our collective unconscious mind. Literally your desires can manifest in front of you! With all of your subconscious angst held at bay by the magical aspect, Cinderella-style ‘going to the ball’ can be realized. Use your imagination via Neptune and give wing to your dreams. But remember that it may conclude by midnight (actually Wednesday morning is more likely), but there can be a new romance that can last longer. On Aug 11 you will be making an adjustment as the Quincunx requires of us. The Sun made a Biquintile to Neptune at 5:49pm on Sunday so there is likely a connection to what we saw as possible on that evening.

At 10:56pm the Moon at 6:36 Scorpio Opposes Uranus at 6:36 Taurus.

This aspect can provide a glimpse around what Uranus has been doing for you in Taurus. How do you feel about your resources and your shared resources? You will have awareness of your feelings and they may surprise you!

Wednesday, Aug 7

At 3:31am the Sun at 14:32 Leo Trines Jupiter Rx at 14:32 Sagittarius.

A most auspicious day! Or evening. This is an Interpersonal aspect involving your goals for fun, romance, creativity and children and a spiritual person or ‘pastor-type’, college student or professor, philosopher, elder/senior, foreigner or someone far away. You can take the Trine from 3D to 5D energy and maybe take a romantic gamble, or play a game of chance in order to achieve your optimistic sense of reality. Leo rules risk-taking, gambling and winning prizes of all kinds so some good luck may be in the air. But play on Tuesday night because by Wednesday night the next aspect will be applying and it is one of more limitation.

At 8:24pm the Sun at 15:13 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 15:13 Capricorn.

Now we will need to adjust our goals for fun and romance in order to keep our career objectives and public reputation in tact. Saturn will be restricting the optimism that Jupiter offered, but there is likely a good reason as you may have gotten carried away with the ‘gambling the farm’ type of energy and now have to face your task-master and be accountable for your goals. Are you going for the instant thrill or are you ready to commit to something that takes time to receive?

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