Venus Expands & Contracts Her Fun – Aug 8/9

Thursday, Aug 8, EST

From Thursday to Friday Venus will follow the Sun through the 2 aspects to Jupiter and Saturn, our 2 Interpersonal Planets. This means there is 1-2 persons involved in these aspects today making not just about YOUR own desires, but about desires between you and these others. The Sun offered clarity on Wednesday and now Venus is applying the clarity to her desires, values and resources. Both Venus & Jupiter are in FIRE Signs, like a ‘gas.’

At 4:27pm Venus at 14:31 Leo Trines Jupiter Rx at 14:31 Sagittarius.

Jupiter is just one minute from his Direct Station that occurs on Sunday morning (9:37am, EST). He is sitting on this degree that he first crossed on Jan 14. There is a message here about our new spiritual philosophy, global perspective and sense of optimism and abundance. Venus in Leo is all about a good time. She is taking risks with her resources as she desires more fun. Work will come soon enough, in her mind (once she Ingresses Virgo on Aug 21). But today her desires for romance, fun, creativity and fun with children is working very nicely with her new philosophy of optimism and abundance. Taking some risks can pay off if you feel the energy within your entire chart. So enjoy! The energy is expansive.

Friday, Aug 9

At 4:23am Venus at 15:08 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 15:08 Capricorn.

If you were able to sneak in a lot of fun before Saturn stepped in, thank your lucky stars! Now Venus will likely slow down on her fun-making and take things more seriously as she adjusts to her sense of public reputation and career goals. Should she really buy another vacation package? Should she continue to play the slots? Or might she better hold onto what she has and save it for Saturn’s ‘rainy day?’ A slow down and serious approach is called for as Venus adjusts her desires to be more response-able to father-like authority in her life. Now slow down because the energy is contracting.

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