Soulful & Karmic Finger of God – Aug 10/11

Saturday, Aug 10, EST

At 3:04am the Sun at 17:24 Leo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 17:24 Cancer.

A minor aspect that will serve to keep our goals for fun in balance with our family duties and responsibilities. The Mean North Node has been tightly Opposite Transiting Saturn Rx so we really can not separate out this aspect from the Sun’s Quincunx to Saturn Rx on Wednesday. There is a past-life or other-life dimension to any contraction or restriction we are feeling around our fun and romance and today we can see how being responsible with our public reputation and career objectives IS serving our family.

At 8:44pm the Sun at 18:06 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 18:06 Pisces.

Now the Sun completes the 2nd Finger of a rolling Finger of God with both Saturn from Wednesday and Neptune today. We can SEE (Sun) how the Sextile between the 2 Transiting Karmic Planets has been impacting our romantic, creative and entertainment goals. We need to adjust our public reputation needs with any subconscious fears we have that our ‘fun’ could derail our career and public reputation.

Venus will be following the Sun through this rolling Finger of God by completing the 2nd leg on Sunday afternoon. Its a complicated configuration, though, since the Saturn ‘arm’ of the Finger is Conjunct the South Node and Opposite the North Node.

Sunday, Aug 11, AM

At 12:46am Venus at 17:25 Leo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 17:25 Cancer.

Now Venus has already Quincunx Saturn Rx early Friday morning so she is meeting the North Node just prior to her Quincunx to Neptune later Sunday afternoon. This energy is rolling through close, Karmic inspection of our fun and romance in light of our career, public reputation and past-life Karma (Saturn Conjunct the South Node) and we can see how this may be impacting our family responsibilities or desires around family resources and desire for children here too.

At 5:01am Mercury at 29:30 Cancer Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 14:30 Sagittarius.

Jupiter is on the exact degree and minute of his Direct Station which occurs in 4.5 hours roughly. So the message is a strong one. Mercury is on the critical, or Anaretic, degree of Cancer and still being quite secretive and keeping his thoughts to himself. Except that here Jupiter may challenge him to share his new spiritual perspective with some of his family members. Though he will adjust what he wants to say just a bit in order to create an ease within the family or with respect to elders in the family.

At 9:37am Jupiter at 14:30 Sagittarius Stations Direct.

From here on out Jupiter will begin to finalize our new spiritual/global philosophy, sense of optimism and abundance as he begins to wrap up his Transit through his own Sign of Sagittarius. On Dec 2 Jupiter will Ingress Capricorn and he will begin to apply our new spiritual/global perspective to our use of power and our responsibility to keep public authority in check. From now until Dec 2 we will be refining our perspective so we can really own it.

At 1:43pm Venus at 18:05 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 18:05 Pisces.

Just one minute from the Sun’s aspect to Neptune, this aspect will reveal our desires that match the clarity and goals we created as the Sun made this aspect on Saturday. Can we release some subconscious fears in order to have more fun? Or should we adjust our fun to our subconscious urges? This is all part of the Finger of God involving the Nodes of Fate as well so it is a big Soulful, Karmic test of our romantic and creative desires. And the ways we discipline our children even.

At 3:54pm Mercury Ingresses Leo.

Now we will be able to express our romantic plans, our new creative desires, etc. Our mental/conscious mind will be focused on having fun with kids, entertainers/entertainment venues and in romantic ways.

At 10:27pm Uranus at 6:37 Taurus Stations Retrograde.

From now until next January 11, 2020, Uranus will begin to retrace his steps back to 2:39 Taurus. He will Stations Direct just prior to Saturn exacting his Conjunction to Pluto on Jan 12 at 22:46 Capricorn. Uranus Rx seems to dim the light of our awareness a bit. Which was kind of a drag when he was in Aries as we were all enjoying his revelation into our ‘head’ or Crown Chakra. But as he is in Taurus now, he will be reviewing our out-of-the-box ideas around ways to earn a living, acquire resources and what we are really attracted to (and whom).

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