Full Moon in Aquarius – Aug 15/16

Thursday, Aug 15, EST

At 8:29am the Moon at 22:24 Aquarius Opposes the Sun at 22:24 Leo creating the annual Full Moon in Leo.

An emotional peak that shows us how we feel about relationships across the axis of Leo/Aquarius. Leo rules the ego and our ability to be the center of attention, creative, romantic and around children. Aquarius rules the social network, groups of people, group-think, change, universal ideas and communal things. You may be wondering if you want to blend in with the group or pursue your own fun and creativity. Or you may think you are being too self-centered (centered in self is a thing) and need to merge more with others. Either way, you will SEE (Sun) how you FEEL (Moon) at the Full Moon.

At 5:15pm Mercury at 5:20 Leo Trines Chiron Rx at 5:20 Aries.

Always a good thing to make an easy aspect to Chiron! So today you can express your romantic plans without insecurity. Or you be better able to initiate some fun with your children or romantic partner by telling them what you’re going to do.

Friday, Aug 16, AM

At 1:07pm Mercury at 6:36 Leo Squares Uranus Rx at 6:36 Taurus.

There can be a bit of Soul Awareness on tap as Mercury aspects both Chiron and Uranus in a fairly tight orb. Here some awareness, inspiration or bizarre idea is going to hit you unexpectedly causing you to change some of your plans today. Uranus is going to show you something around your beauty, love or available resources that might hit your plans a bit hard and you have to make a change based on Uranus’ flash of insight. Someone could surprise you as they express what you are getting, too.

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