Sun Joins Mars/Venus in Virgo – Aug 22/23

Wednesday, Aug 21, EST

At 1:37pm the Moon at 6:35 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus Rx at 6:35 Taurus.

Your intuition could be positively inspired with this aspect. You may be able to feel your way through the changes Uranus has been bringing to your life.

Thursday, Aug 22, EST

At 8:13am Mercury at 16:41 Leo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 16:41 Cancer.

A minor aspect but one that will merge a bit of nurturing with your fun with children, or you could create some fun activity at home, or you may speak about family with a romantic partner. This aspect can a family member the center of attention. Expressions will be fun but also expressing some feelings.

At 8:21am the Sun at 29:08 Leo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 5:08 Aries.

This completes the other half of a Finger of Merlin the Sun has been rolling through. The first half was a Biquintile to Pluto Rx that exacted on Tuesday morning. As the Sun hits on the Anaretic (or critical) degree of Leo we are seeing into our goals for fun and romance as we move forward. We will be able to initiate some fun with the magic to Chiron or we can find some magical motivation to get out and plan more fun. We can SEE into the ways Chiron in Aries has been challenging us and find gratitude for the lessons.

At 1:35pm Venus at 1:40 Virgo Semi-Squares the North Node at 16:40 Cancer.

Meeting just one minute from the aspect with Mercury, our desires will be feeling the same pull to bring family into focus. Venus in Virgo though desires to serve and she will likely find a family member to be of service too. But the Semi-Square means they may be a bit irritated by her service. You know, maybe they don’t feel like they should need her help, but Venus will carry out her work regardless. You could find that leaving home to go to the gym to work out is irritating to someone who DOES want your help.

At 4:42pm the Sun at 29:28 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 14:28 Capricorn.

Its just like Saturn to have the last say! The Sun has been in magical aspect to Pluto and Chiron for a few days and now whatever goals you set over this time will need to be reviewed by some authority type before moving forward. Adjust your goals to their suggestions and there will be an ease in moving forward.

Friday, Aug 23

At 6:02am the Sun Ingresses Virgo.

How we are full-on planning for ‘Back-to-School’ mode and wrapping up summer activities to buckle down with a loaded schedule of Virgo-style activities: fitness, health, volunteering, service, duty, etc.

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