Mixed Cocktail of Energies – Aug 24/25

Saturday, Aug 24, EST

At 2:47am Mercury at 20:04 Leo Ses-Squared Chiron Rx at 5:04 Aries.

There may have been words or just some mental anguish around insecurity involving romance and fun. While Mars, Venus and Sun are now in Virgo thinking about staying ‘busy’ Mercury is still in Leo trying to plan some fun and romance. But Chiron likely kept him from actually acting on his ideas for now.

At 6:55am Mercury at 20:24 Leo Biquintiled Saturn Rx at 14:24 Capricorn.

Certainly a nice energy to follow on the heels of the one above. Wherever you have been feeling some restriction and lack of excitement (Saturn) you can now easily speak about having fun and putting those plans into place effortlessly. Or you could hear about some career move you wanted to make.

At 1:04pm Venus at 4:07 Virgo Conjuncts Mars at 4:07 Virgo.

A very nice aspect between men and women and our own motivations and desires. Being of service will be one way we will want to act on this. Service with a healing touch, or massage is a great way to use this energy. Or motivation to earn resources via service or health activities. Now Venus will leapfrog over Mars and lead the Personal Planets through the rest of Virgo energies.

At 2:14pm Mercury at 20:59 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 20:59 Capricorn.

Now our plans for fun, romance or around children will need to be adjusted to someone who may be bankrolling our plans. Or this could be the father of those children or the one in authority in some way. Make the adjustment, tone down your playful words in order to get things approved by your Pluto entity.

Sunday, Aug 25, AM

At 12:00am the Sun at 1:41 Virgo Semi-Squares the North Node at 16:41 Cancer.

Newly in Virgo, the Sun will begin to shed some light on our new work, health/fitness, service/duty and volunteering/job goals. But this aspect to the North Node will serve to remind us to keep family in mind as we run off getting busy with our own schedule. Schedule in your time with mom. Remember your family chores and put them on your daily ‘to-do’ list. This way you will be more efficient and organized while covering all of your bases;)

At 6:33am Venus at 5:01 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 5:01 Aries.

This aspect calls for an adjustment, but Venus IS a Healing Planet and can soothe us through any insecurity Chiron is bringing up. Or someone offering us a healing touch will allow us to better manage things. Can you overcome (adjust) your insecurity in order to do what you desire most (to be of service and busy)? Somehow you will manage to do just that this morning.

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