Pluto’s ‘Little Man’ Complex – Aug 27

Tuesday, Aug 27, EST

At 9:45am Mars at 5:57 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 20:57 Capricorn.

2 very ‘male’ energies (Mars and Pluto in Capricorn) meet today in a Ses-Square which requires an adjustment to create an ease. Since he has been Transiting Capricorn, Pluto’s astronomical status has had him downgraded to a ‘dwarf planet.’ Anyone who knows Pluto’s energy to TRANSFORM things can simply chuckle at man’s folly. Pluto’s downgrade is in response to a more 5D vibration that knows ‘death’ is merely a transformation of energy. So we don’t attribute all the 3D fear to this ‘planet’ that we used to. But to downgrade his status as he is Transiting a ‘male-oriented’ Sign is really like a demotion in his career and social status. So you can see why he has been a very big A-hole in Capricorn. The ‘powers-that-be’ (Capricorn) have publicly humiliated him. So if you have a similar person operating in your life that has been ‘demoted’, this aspect today is important. Mars is hard-charging to ‘serve’. He is the military man with duty and honor in tact. Pluto is supposed to be overseeing this dude with the big muscles and high testosterone count. When you see the ‘little man complex’ coming out in someone, be sure to adjust yourself so as not to rub their face in it and all will go well. You’re ripped. He is not because he is too busy making sure everyone else is doing his bidding. But you are taking care of yourself (Mars in Virgo): eating healthy, staying fit and that uniform… well, let’s just say, Mars is attracting a lot of female attention as he is so close to Venus right now;)

At 2:48pm Mercury at 26:57 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 20:57 Capricorn.

Over the next 24 hours Mercury is rolling through a Finger of Merlin between Pluto and Chiron with himself as the ‘nozzle.’ This first aspect to Pluto is going to help him have just the right words to effortlessly manage any humiliation Pluto may have felt as Mars arrived on his scene earlier. Mercury is still in Leo and is thinking and speaking more playfully and able to take risks where Mars is so busy doing his own thing. So use those words, add some humor and all will go very well with Pluto types this afternoon.

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