Last Words of Summer Fun – Aug 28

Wednesday, Aug 28, EST

At 6:53am Mars at 6:30 Virgo Trines Uranus Rx at 6:30 Taurus.

Our motivations to serve will create a surprising and unexpected ease and even show us how to create resources from the inspired actions this morning. In a Square aspect these 2 can create accidents, but the Trine is a Transitional aspect we can take from 3D to 5D and possibly even feel that things are effortless.

The chart below shows this aspect, but it also shows a major alignment of configurations forming that will be more defined by Friday. Spot the Mystic Rectangle of the North Node Sextile Venus, Venus Trine Saturn Rx and South Node (Pluto will get in there by the weekend), and Saturn and the South Node Sextile Black Moon Lillith and Neptune. This is a nice bit of ease involving 2 Water Signs (Cancer & Pisces) and 2 Earth Signs (Virgo & Capricorn). There is also a Grand Earth Trine forming with Uranus, the Virgo Stellium and the Capricorn Stellium. By Friday, Eros in Scorpio will create Sextiles to the same 2 Stelliums. It is going to be quite the weekend! See if you can detect all of these energies aligned and what it means for you. More soon.

At 8:17am the Sun at 4:55 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 4:55 Aries.

Chiron in Aries has caused us to feel a lack of motivation or insecurity in initiating or asserting ourselves. The Sun in Virgo is helping us to set new goals for our daily activities, work, fitness and ways we can be of service. This adjustment is likely once we set a goal to do something, we must find a way to get over any insecurity or lack of motivation in order to get it done. We can enter into some gratitude and rise above any wounding pain today. Lose yourself in service in order to find yourself.

At 2:32pm Mercury at 28:54 Leo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 4:54 Aries.

Here we can effortless express our insecurities by making fun of ourselves and the result will bring us even closer to a romantic partner or child. We will be able to magically initiate some communication and romantic plans.

At 6:38pm Mercury at 29:15 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 14:15 Capricorn.

Now we have to make an adjustment to our romantic or fun plans in order to satisfy our career objectives or to appease an authority. Once we make this adjustment, we can enjoy an ease again. See if you can head this aspect off in advance by knowing what you need to be response-able about even as you are having magical fun.

This is Mercury’s last aspect in Leo as he will Ingress Virgo at 3:48am on Thursday. Once that happens we will have 4 Personal Planets in Virgo until late Thursday when the Moon makes it ALL 5 as the Moon applies to meet the Sun on Friday morning for the annual New Moon in Virgo. Summer is officially over and we are ALL getting back to work!

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