Work Til You Drop, New Moon in Virgo – Aug 29/30

Thursday, Aug 29, EST

At 3:38am Mercury Ingresses Virgo.

Mercury will join Venus, Mars and the Sun in the Sign of work, service, duty, volunteering, fitness and health. Virgo is the Sign that externalizes Pisces. It is all of the daily activities we put into our conscious world, but is influenced by our subconscious mind. The generation born with Neptune in Virgo embodies the ‘Protestant work ethic’ which is essentially ‘work til you drop.’ For if they were to stop, there would be ‘nothing’… Neptune.

Mercury has been moving at a very fast pace right now and will Conjunct the Sun on Sep 3 at 11:16 Virgo. He will Ingress Libra on Sep 14 only spending 17 days in Virgo.

At 9:08am the Sun at 5:55 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 20:55 Capricorn.

The Sun is helping us to set new goals for our daily accomplishments and Pluto is someone in authority keeping a close eye on us at work or some other area of life. Adjust your goals to keep Pluto happy and there will be an ease created. How are you applying any shared resources to your work, fitness and health goals? What should be adjusted here?

At 7:56pm the Moon Ingresses Virgo and we begin to feel ourselves align with the New Moon energy.

At 10:45pm Mercury at 1:34 Virgo Semi-Squares the North Node at 16:34 Cancer.

Now that you are busy planning daily activities, are you keeping your family in mind? You may feel a Soulful nudge to serve the family a bit more. Schedule it in. Express to them what you want to do to help.

At 11:14pm the Sun at 6:29 Virgo Trines Uranus Rx at 6:29 Taurus.

Inspirational goals or finding a new purpose at work or in service to others. You could see new ways to acquire resources or serve a charitable organization. If you are looking at some recent accounting sheets, you may find some unexpected resources in there that you can use. You could see how changing the tone of your voice helps you to be of better service to others. And embrace the flashes of inspiration today.

Friday, Aug 30

At 6:37am the Moon at 6:47 Virgo Conjuncts the Sun at 6:47 Virgo creating the annual New Moon in Virgo.

Virgo New Moon, Aug 30

Now we can really feel and embrace our new goals for work, service, duty, volunteering, health, fitness and accounting. Our private life and public life are in sync with these goals offering a ‘fresh start’ in this area of our lives. The New Moon is Trine to Uranus so we have the benefit of his inspiration in new ways to acquire resources that we can apply to our service, work and health.

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