Star of David & Mystic Rectangle – Aug 30

This chart is for 5:30pm EST in Cheboygan, MI. You can see there are 2 Grand Trines (Water and Earth) running through a loose Opposition of Uranus Rx in Taurus and Eros in Scorpio forming a 6-pointed Star often called a Star of David. In Qabbalistic terms the number 6 is Soulful. And this 6 pointed star is certainly that!!

The Grand Earth Trine involves Uranus in Taurus, the Virgo Stellium of Personal Planets and the South Node in Capricorn with Saturn. The Grand Water Trine includes the North Node in Cancer, Eros in Scorpio and Black Moon Lilllith and Neptune in Pisces.

In the middle of the 2 Grand Trines are corners of a Mystic Rectangle involving the North Node Opposite the South Node and Saturn Rx; and the Virgo Stellium Opposite BML and Neptune. The 2 Oppositions form Trines and Sextiles to the various corners.

This is a LOT of helpful energy at the moment. To quantify is best left to our feeling of the energies and sorting out the results in some hindsight. For now, simply enjoy the Earthiness of our Feelings and seek unexpected erotic opportunities? They are very Soulful and connected to past and other lives via Saturn Conjunct the South Node!

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