Clear Motivations – Sep 1/ 2

Sunday, Sep 1, PM, EST

At 5:50pm the Moon at 14:08 Libra Squares Saturn Rx at 14:08 Capricorn. You should have some intuition around how Saturn is affecting your relationships and harmony in your career objectives. There is a past or other life feel to this intuition and situation.

At 9:08pm the Moon at 16:12 Libra Squares the North Node at 16:12 Cancer. Now there is a Soulful side to this situation that you need to look at. Can we move out of the past-life stuff into being more nurturing?

Monday, Sep 2

At 5:43am the Moon at 20:52 Libra Squares Pluto Rx at 20:52 Capricorn. How do you feel about that your intimate relationship with this person? Or how do you feel about the person/entity who’s money you are using? Which of you is misusing your authority?

At 6:42am the Sun at 9:41 Virgo Conjuncts Mars at 9:41 Virgo.

Now we get clear about our motivations to work, exercise, service and perform our duties. Mars Ingressed Virgo on Aug 18 and we began to initiate new work, fitness and volunteer activities. As the Sun joins Mars we can now set new goals and see the purpose behind our earlier instincts towards these goals. How do our actions serve us and others? We can see that today.

At 12:26pm Venus at 15:15 Virgo Squares Jupiter at 15:15 Sagittarius.

Florence Nightingale develops a spiritual philosophy of service to others regardless of which side of any battle they are fighting for. Venus in Virgo is a woman serving and Jupiter rules the global perspective so she is serving everyone. With Mars also in Virgo, a man can use a healing touch to show his benevolence for all. Virgo rules the workplace and Jupiter in Sagittarius has had us reviewing sound leadership styles that support the big picture. Is your manager following the best leadership practices? If not, you will see exactly HOW they are missing the mark.

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