Expressed Motivations & Superior Conjunction – Sep 3

Tuesday, Sep 3, EST

At 4:13am Venus at 16:04 Virgo Sextiles the North Node at 16:04 Cancer.

A productive aspect between our earned income through service and our family responsibilities. Or our desires to serve and do our duty honors of family lineage. Or you may find yourself nursing a family member or being of service to someone in their home.

At 6:18am the Moon at 6:25 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 6:25 Taurus.

This is a great opportunity to feel some of the ways Uranus is shaking up your desires and your earned income and shared resources. What are the changes you feel you need to make in these areas?

At 11:40am Mercury at 10:27 Virgo Conjuncts Mars at 10:27 Virgo.

With all of the Personal Planets in Virgo now, except for the Moon, we are full steam ahead in the work and busy-ness area of life. But this Conjunct will have us expressing our new actions in the way of service or work. We can expect someone to remark about how much work we have been doing or we will become consciously aware of why we are so busy and working so hard.

At 9:40pm Mercury at 11:16 Virgo Conjuncts the Sun at 11:16 Virgo.

This the Superior Conjunction of our conscious mind (Mercury) in sync with realtime (Sun). This is the halfway point of their current cycle which began at their Inferior Conjunction on Jul 21 at 28:28 Cancer. At the Inferior Conjunction, with Mercury Retrograde, we are seeding new ideas for the next approximately 165-day cycle. The Superior Conjunction is when we can see how well we are doing on fulfilling the goals set then.

With Mercury and the Sun both fresh from their Conjunctions to Mars, this is a very powerful few days. We have our conscious mind, our motivations and clarity all in sync and supporting our Virgo areas of life. What we hear, see, write or speak today is based in reality and not just Mercury getting ahead of himself as he often is. You can expect to hear news about job opportunities, new offers of employment, or see exactly what you want to be working at. It is one of just 6 days each year when our conscious mind is based in reality so make the most of it!

For the next week we will have the Venus (Wed, Sep 4), Mercury (Sat, Sep 7) and the Sun (Tue, Sep 10) Opposes Neptune in Pisces. This will show us a contrast between our subconscious mind and how it is externalized through Virgo activities and our daily, conscious routines. Much will be getting realigned with Neptune’s Higher-Mind energies so that we can make great big leaps forward in the conscious realm.

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