Morphing of Our Desires to Serve- Sep 4

Wednesday, Sep 4, EST

At 7:26am Venus at 17:28 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 17:28 Pisces.

An Opposition aspect shows a contrast. It in only in contrast that we can understand define things accurately. Venus in Virgo is a Florence Nightingale or a female soldier. Or a manager or boss who is very attractive, etc. Neptune in Pisces is dissolving some of our old fears by bringing them to the surface so we can let them go. He does this through dreams, confusion or morphing of our old structures. Virgo externalizes Pisces’ energy. We are all subconsciously moved to act out in the physical realm. In this realm is all of our rituals and routines we call ‘life.’ Right now we desire to serve others, be accountable to details and doing our duty. This Opposition may show us how some new desires are emerging amidst the rubble of our old desires. We have outgrown them and need new values around the ways we serve and earn a living through service. New things are surfacing in this contrast that is showing us a new path for our Virgo desires. You could dream about it. Or you could see a woman doing the things that you begin to realize are what you want to be doing.

Venus is halfway through her current cycle with Neptune so it is a great time to see how our desires have been morphing since April 10 when Venus was Conjunct Neptune at 17:24 Pisces, just 4 minutes away from that now.

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