Mercury Trine Saturn Rx – Sep 5

At 8:37am EST Mercury at 14:03 Virgo Trines Saturn Rx at 14:03 Capricorn.

This is the Closing Trine of the Mercury/Saturn cycle which began on Jan 13 at 12:51 Capricorn. There is likely some on-going story involving your career goals and objectives or your social status, etc. Now you are buckling down at work or in service to others in order to succeed with your goals and objectives. What you hear today could really help you move things along towards the outcome you are working towards. Some authority may reach out to you to express some assistance they are willing to provide you with. Or you may communicate with them around what you still need to do in order to move things into place. Saturn is going to Station Direct at 13:55 Capricorn on Sep 18 and will return to this degree and minute on Sep 28 so what is communicated today could be finalized by that time.

By late Friday afternoon the Sun will Trine Saturn Rx at 14:01 and we will have clarity around any goals we still need to work on as a result of what was agreed to today.

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