Personal Higher-Minded Energy – Sep 6/7

By late Thursday night the Moon in Sagittarius will be Square the Virgo Stellium. The Moon will Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius by 3:15am on Friday and move on to Square Neptune in Pisces. Intuition could be very helpful for showing us some new pathways in our work and service.

Friday, Sep 6, EST

At 3:11am Mercury at 15:30 Virgo Squares Jupiter at 15:30 Sagittarius.

Too many words is often the result of a Square between these 2 Planets. You could over-promise at work or in the ways that you serve others. Or your optimism could be a bit over-the-top. No biggie, however, as Jupiter has your back. You will be looking at ways to apply your new spiritual philosophy at work, in your health and fitness and as a volunteer. You will be higher-mind in your application of work ideas and communication. But it can be a bit much so prepare for that. Don’t overwork yourself in the process. Use the Jupiter side to see clearly what can be done rather than letting Mercury get carried away with himself.

At 8:50am Mercury at 15:57 Virgo Sextiles the North Node at 15:47 Cancer.

This means he is Trine to the South Node in Capricorn and that will be nice energy for expressing some past-life scenarios that we have been reliving with Saturn Conjunct the South Node. Our service to others and our work need to align with nurturing over discipline to satisfy the North Node. Look for words to have extra significance today as it echos across other lifetimes as well.

At 5:56pm the Sun at 14:01 Virgo Trines Saturn Rx at 14:01 Capricorn.

Now we have clarity around our work/service/health goals and our career objectives. We are working to put structures in place for the next 29 year cycle of Saturn. Earning a living (Taurus), work environment and routines (Virgo) are integral pieces of our ‘career’ picture (Capricorn/Saturn). All of these Signs are Earth Signs for building on. So today you can see how to structure your work routine to better enhance your career goals.

At 11:46pm Venus at 20:47 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 20:47 Capricorn.

Venus rules Taurus so is bringing in plenty of Earth energy to our Virgo areas of life and in aspect to the Capricorn Stellium (Saturn, South Node and Pluto). Pluto can be the ‘a-hole’ here of someone who has been misusing their authority. But you are used to him and have learned since late 2008 to deal with him. Venus in Virgo is being of service to those whose resources we share or to those who are our physically intimate partners. The Trine will make it easy. If you need more backing to fulfill your work duties or to bolster your cash flow, then today is a day where you look attractive to an investor or financial backer. Use your charm, but keep your values;)

Saturday, Sep 7

At 3:18am Mercury at 17:24 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 17:24 Pisces.

If this is your nighttime, it could come through in dreams or you will express your subconscious fears in order to see how it may be affecting the ways you have been working or avoiding some work in your life. Neptune offers a Higher-Minded energy to Mercury so use what you receive today and release any fears that do get expressed as that is part of being able to move forward with Neptune’s new directions. He has been dissolving your old ideas so today you can express something old and make way for something new.

At 10:09am Venus at 21:20 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 6:20 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus in Taurus so there is lots of loving, beautiful and charming inspiration available today. If you find yourself surprised by how much you want to serve, or your desires seem bizarre, then that is this energy. You need to adjust yourself to the shocking or surprising part, accept it and an ease will result. You can find new ways to earn a living or to be of service. Philanthropy could be available to you.

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