How Does Your Service Measure Up? – Sep 8/9

Sunday, Sep 8, EST

From 9:00am the Moon in Capricorn will enter the Mystic Rectangle of: 1) North Node in Cancer; 2) Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo; 3) Saturn Rx, South Node and Pluto Rx in Capricorn; 4) Black Moon Lillith and Neptune Rx in Pisces. For the rest of the day, the Moon will aspect all of these Planets and Points creating some easy intuition to support the aspects exacting today.

At 11:26am the Sun at 15:42 Virgo Squares Jupiter at 15:42 Sagittarius.

Mercury made this aspect very early Friday morning and Venus did so on Monday, Sep 2, both at 15+ degrees. Now we have clarity around our desires and communications/ideas regarding our spiritual philosophy and service to others. With this clarity you can set new goals around work, health, fitness, service, volunteering, etc. Jupiter in Sagittarius is optimistic and expansive. The Square could cause you to over-commit a bit, but it will likely all work out fine for the time being.

At 6:21pm the Sun at 15:58 Virgo Sextiles the North Node at 15:59 Cancer.

This is 2 of the corners of the Mystic Rectangle and is offering additional clarity around our work/service goals and our need to focus on family. The Sun is Trine the South Node and just Trined Saturn Rx on Friday so there is a great emphasis on past-life career and public reputation issues. But tonight you will be looking at serving more in order to balance home and career.

At 11:09pm Mercury at 20:46 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 20:46 Capricorn.

Venus made this aspect on Friday night and now Mercury will bring us the communication of our desires from Friday. There is an ease around what we are working on and our use of authority. Or someone may offer some financial backing to your work, health, service duties. You can put some of your desires then into writing now.

Monday, Sep 9

At 12:14am Mars at 13:59 Virgo Trines Saturn Rx at 13:59 Capricorn.

Now Mars enters the Mystic Rectangle. This is our ‘go’ energy (Mars) and our ‘stop’ energy (Saturn) working harmoniously together. You are energetically serving, but Saturn is holding you to being response-able to your career objectives at the same time. Working too hard, or too much will not harm you today. It can lead to success.

At 5:59am Mercury at 21:16 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 6:16 Taurus.

Venus made this aspect on Saturday morning and now Mercury will be expressing our desires from that time. Somehow you need to adjust your words or your work in order to accept the out-of-the-box values and inspiration Uranus is bringing up. Can you do this work in order to earn a living? How can being of service lead to acquiring what you need? Or are you doing it on behalf of the group or community? Once you adjust to some universal benefit for all, you will know how to make the most of your plans and ideas.

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