In Service to Family – Sep 11/12

Wednesday, Sep 11, EST

At 8:20pm Mars at 15:47 Virgo Sextiles the North Node at 15:37 Cancer.

Likely you will be taking action to serve a family member, tend the land or simply staying healthy as a way to continue service to your family. If you have been working hard, you may decide to head home a bit early for family time or you could schedule some vacation time with family as the next aspect is already in orb.

Thursday, Sep 12

At 5:06am Mars at 16:01 Virgo Squares Jupiter at 16:01 Sagittarius.

If you have been working too hard, something may be out of balance. Too much work can take your eye off the big picture and end up hurting your continued ability to serve. But Jupiter is going to remind you to keep your health in perspective with your spiritual or philosophical ideals. Overdoing serves no one in the end. Your optimism can cause you to over-do and you can check yourself on that one by taking the day off for a sort of mini-vacay. Or be sure to include adventure into your daily activities.

At 5:52am the Moon Ingresses Pisces and we begin to SEE how we FEEL about our daily activities, work, health, fitness, service and volunteering as we approach the Full Moon at 21:05 Pisces just after midnight on Saturday.

At 1:06pm Venus at 27:42 Virgo Quintiles the North Node at 15:42 Cancer.

This may be hard to detect, but there is an effortless energy around your values of service to family. You could reach out and touch someone in the family today and really heal anything they may be feeling.

At 7:01pm Mercury at 27:39 Virgo Quintiles the North Node at 15:39 Cancer.

Now you can express your desires to serve your family or plans to schedule in more family time into your daily routine.

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