Pisces Full Moon & Magical Relating – Sep 13/14

The Moon is already in Pisces making aspects to Jupiter in Sagittarius, Black Moon Lillith and Neptune as he applies to the Full Moon just after midnight on Saturday.

Friday, Sep 13, EST

At 11:10am Mercury at 28:50 Virgo Conjuncts Venus at 28:50 Virgo.

Yesterday these 2 both Quintiles the North Node and now Mercury is going to leap-frog ahead of Venus. But as they Conjunct, their energies merge bringing us expression of our desires to serve, work, be fit, stay healthy, volunteer or keep account. For now Mercury rules Venus as he rules Virgo, but by Saturday morning Venus will be in change as they both Ingress Libra.

At 3:42pm the Sun at 20:44 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 20:44 Capricorn.

Pluto is hovering at 20+ degrees in preparation for his Direct Station on Oct 3 at 20:38. So the Sun’s aspect today can really shed some light on the point Pluto is making so pay attention. Its an ease though so it is easier to miss as all just seems to go well at work with an authority type. Or you have no problems seeing what you need regarding health and working with someone in charge of the money, etc.

Saturday, Sep 14

At 12:33am the Moon at 21:05 Pisces Opposes the Sun at 21:05 Virgo creating the Full Moon in Pisces.

This emotional peak centers around SEEING how we FEEL about our work, health, service, duty and organizational management. There is some deep undertone to what we are feeling and any fear that comes up just needs to be released by just getting down to work on the issue. We are halfway through the Zodiac Wheel for the Cosmic year and the New Moon in Libra will move us from private issues to public issues. So what you are feeling today does not have to been seen by others except as you externalize is through your routines and service in response to your subconscious nudgings.

At 1:25am Mars at 17:12 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 17:12 Pisces.

It can be a sleepless night for us in the Western Hemisphere as Mars will be wanting to act on what our subconscious is showing us. Or you could find your dreams to be full of physical activity. But what we are really seeing is what subconscious things are creating our motivations to work and serve, be healthy and the like. There is something new that you might actually find yourself doing today as Neptune creates some new subconscious expressions.

At 2:53am the Sun at 21:11 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 6:11 Taurus.

Less than 12 hours from the Trine to Pluto, our clarity around Virgo areas of life shifts to adjusting to some revelation and inspiration in order to create an ease here as well. Health-wise you could see some surprising digestive shifts if you ate something you haven’t had before… compliments of Uranus shaking things up. But awareness that it was just the food you tried can create an ease in managing it moving forward. Or you could find that you see new ways to acquire resources for groups of people as you go about your new daily activities.

At 3:14am Mercury Ingresses Libra.

Our communication will be more diplomatic and refined. We will communicate with friends and partners in ways that are balanced and reciprocal, ideally, until Mercury applies to Oppose Chiron on Monday.

At 5:40am Mercury at 0:11 Libra Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 6:11 Taurus.

Effortless communication that expresses our changed desires as we work on relating to someone who may be a recent acquisition in the love department. Or you may find your voice has been changing and your new tone or vocal range is allowing you to reach areas you haven’t previously been able to manage.

At 9:43am Venus Ingresses Libra.

Now we truly desire to relate in a fair, balanced and reciprocal way. HOW we relate is what is important now. All things should be done with the utmost graciousness.

At 12:58pm Venus at 0:10 Libra Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 6:10 Taurus.

Magical attraction as Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. It is a beautiful aspect around love, beauty and relating. Resources could appear as if by magic and you will feel it is all just a perfect sort of day for treating yourself and another to bonbons or some other new sweet that you have recently just encountered.

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