Venus in the Tridecile – Sep 17/18

Tuesday, Sep 17, EST

At 4:21pm Venus at 4:04 Libra Opposes Chiron Rx at 4:04 Aries.

Now Venus follows Mercury through the Tridecile between Jupiter and Chiron Rx. There is healing and optimistic desires around the use of resources in our relating and a global perspective. But today you may just be working on being approachable if you sense someone else being insecurity. You want to relate and so you may have to seize the initiative because someone else may be feeling insecure. Trust your ability to mirror love to another no matter what they are insecure about.

At 4:56pm Mercury at 6:05 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 6:05 Taurus.

On Saturday morning Mercury Biquintiled Uranus in a double-magic aspect. Now our unexpected words or the expression of our unexpected desires will require some adjustment in our relating to another in order to move forward. You may be surprised about who you want to relate to today. Or they may surprise you. Don’t judge; just adjust. Uranus is shaking up our desires or revealing our truth about who we desire. You may be surprised that you want reciprocal exchange with another as in like a ‘relating-ship.’

At 6:31pm the Moon Conjuncts Uranus Rx at 6:05 Taurus. You may have some intuition around your changed desires and feelings about acquiring or donating your resources.

Wednesday, Sep 18

At 2:57am Venus at 4:37 Libra Quintiles Jupiter at 16:37 Sagittarius.

Now Venus is feeling the magical side of the Jupiter/Chiron Tridecile that offers mental growth. Soul Awareness or a big picture perspective is helping her to effortlessly relate her desires to another or to a senior/foreigner/mentor type. We can bring the use of touch into a situation that really conveys more than usual. Applying your resources on behalf of another creates a magical abundance that will be remembered. Your spiritual philosophy is helping all of your relationships to be more open and expansive. No possessiveness here!

At 4:47am Saturn Stations Direct at 13:55 Capricorn.

Now we will have the final stages of career objectives, public authority and social status moving into place to secure us for the next 28+ years. Done is the review. Now we are building something solid and concrete for our next phase of ‘life’. From here until Jan 12, Saturn will begin to apply to Conjunct Pluto at at 22:47 Capricorn. This is a big time to be accountable and have integrity around the ways you use your power and the ways others do as well. Shared resources requires transparency. Career objectives require integrity. ‘Power’ requires integrity and being response-able to all.

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