Love ‘The Cars’ & Ric Ocasek – Sep 17

I really loved ‘The Cars’ when I was growing up. So when I heard of Ric’s death yesterday, I spent some time listening to all their old music and some of Ric’s more recent stuff. Much has already been said about his contribution to music so I won’t focus there.

Ric Ocasek – Born Mar 23, 1949, Baltimore, MD

Instead I wanted to look at why this was his time to go. I often can look at charts when I hear someone has died and see how they went. His birth time can’t be found online, as far as I could tell, but that didn’t stop me. He was an ‘entertainer’ and as Stephen Colbert said, he was “the frontman for the band.” So that all points to Leo Rising as he is an Aries Sun.

Born Mar 23, 1949 in Baltimore, MD, if he is Leo Rising, you can clearly see everything in his chart so I don’t doubt that I am close to his time of birth. This puts Black Moon Lillith, our collective 5D mind, in his 8th House of death at 14+ Pisces Conjunct his Natal Mercury the nozzle of a Finger of God with his Natal Pluto (14+ Leo) Sextile his Natal Neptune (14+ Scorpio). Dying in his sleep is very much how we would have gone. His conscious mind, Mercury, is in Pisces immersed in the dream state and his Natal Neptune which rules dreams is in his 3rd House of the conscious mind by Rising Sign.

Transiting Chiron was applying to the 2nd pass to his Natal Sun which would be very Soulful for him. But the South Node (past-life stuff and a drain) Conjunct Transiting Saturn (Karma), both in his 6th House of health (where Pluto has been for several years as well) were Square to his Natal Neptune, too. This would be hard Karma around health and his conscious mind.

So much can be said about his chart, but another thing I was looking for was why ‘The Cars?” It is such a Gemini name, right? My with Gemini Rising. His Natal Uranus is in Gemini and as an Aries Sign a very true energy. His Natal Neptune, his music and no doubt his ‘songwriting’ as its in his 3rd House along with his South Node. 3rd House rules cars and transportation. Uranus Trines his South Node so cars were likely something he and his classmates and close friends cared about a lot. Or thought about a lot.

Feel free to speak up about anything you see or think regarding this. Its interesting that he is born before Uranus and Chiron were in Opposition which easily points to heart issues with Uranus ruling circulation. But it would seem that he left as he wrote music, no doubt, in his dreams and merging with the subconscious mind. What a way to go!

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