Saturn Stationed Direct & Mars Trine Pluto – Sep 18/19

Wednesday, Sep 18, EST

At 2:57am Venus at 4:37 Libra Quintiles Jupiter at 16:37 Sagittarius.

Though this aspect has already occurred, it may notice the feeling of it. Venus is in her own Sign and feeling refined, gracious and ready to relate. Jupiter is in his own Sign and feeling optimistic, spiritual and ready to mentor. Magical desires to relate between yourself and someone older or more mature. Or you may feel like using your own resources for a vacay to somewhere far away. Or you could have created a short ‘stay-cay’ for yourself and another. Maybe with some spiritual slant or some exotic foods.

At 4:47am Saturn at 13:55 Capricorn Stations Direct.

Now Saturn is in forward motion and helping to put some final structures in place for your career and social status needs. The Mean South Node is at 13:47 as Saturn Stations, but the True North Node is still applying to Conjunct Saturn on Sep 28 at 13:59 Cancer/Capricorn. So we are still hearing the echo of other lifetimes and our Karmic role right now and until the rest of the month. But with Saturn Direct, the worst has occurred with any hard aspects Saturn has made to your Personal Planets and now it is time to be truly response-able, put your nose to the grindstone and BUILD a lasting foundation to support yourself and your family Capricorn/Cancer axis) moving forward.

Thursday, Sep 19

At 6:27am Venus at 6:03 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 6:03 Taurus.

Just through a Biquintile to Uranus on Saturday, today’s aspect requires an adjustment. Adjust your desires to initiate a relationship to desires that allow you and another more unusual ways to relate. Venus rules Uranus and Taurus and herself in Libra, but Uranus is not one to be restrained from delivering his message: change up the ways you relate so that new desires can emerge or so you can grant yourself and another more freedom from having to commit too readily, if ever! Libra likes BALANCE, but Uranus likes CHANGE so you can see the adjustment needed here.

At 11:53am Mars at 20:41 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 20:41 Capricorn.

A nice easy energy between our motivation to serve and our ability to secure financial backing to continue our work. Or our actions to account for and pay attention to details and expenditure of another’s money gets approval. Whatever saber-rattling is going on right now there is less likely to be some military action for the moment. But 6-weeks from now and all bets are off;)

At 1:33pm the Sun at 26:29 Virgo Quintiles the North Node at 14:29 Cancer.

Some magical clarity around our goals to serve and our security to the homeland and/or family. What you see today could also bring up past-life stuff with more clarity as the Sun is Tridecile (mental growth, unfolding) to the South Node.

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