Jupiter’s 3rd Square to Neptune, Cheers! – Sep 20/21

Friday, Sep 20, EST

At 12:36am Mars at 21:01 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 6:01 Taurus.

Some adjustment around your actions in service or at work and your unexpected inspiration to share your resources. Or you receive some unexpected resources based on your work. There is some adjustment that creates an ease. Perhaps the way you have been working out is paying off in your beauty department. Or your heroic actions in doing your duty has someone posting about you on social media. Many ways this can play out. You will act before you can think about it (Mars always does) and it will create some adjustment you were not expecting, but it will all be good.

At 11:05am Mercury at 10:38 Libra Squares the Jul 2 Solar Eclipse degree of 10:38 Cancer.

If you haven’t figured out how the last Solar Eclipse is playing out in your life, this is the morning to hear something, think something or say something (written or verbal) about what has been going and what still needs to happen in order to wrap up that ‘Fresh Start’ around mom, family, home and land. Of course, you need to look to the House where you have 10:38 Cancer/Libra to see who you might be hearing from or thinking about. Eclipses across the Cancer/Capricorn axis cut deep. These are Karmic Signs of mom and dad. It is about balancing home and career, nurture vs. discipline, mom and dad. So this was an emotional Eclipse as well as Cancer is Initiating Water/emotion. The Square today is bound to bring up thoughts and feelings and words that kind of rub the wrong way, but will cause us to find the final solution to wrap up this Eclipse (for the most part) before the next Solar Eclipse at 12:13am (EST) on Dec 26 at 4:07 Capricorn. Jupiter will be Conjunct this Eclipse degree so it will be very healing and fortunate, in some way, for each of us and all of us.

Transiting Mercury at 10:38 Libra Squares Solar Eclipse of Jul 2

Look for Jupiter in the chart above and see how he is straddling a Square to Black Moon Lillith and Neptune.

Over the last few days Jupiter at 15-16 Sagittarius has been in a Square to Transiting Black Moon Lillith in Pisces as she applies to Neptune. Tomorrow Jupiter will exact his 3rd Square to Neptune, but BML is still applying to Neptune adding even more energy to their final Square. See below. BML is an ‘Arabic’ or mathematical point derived from the Moon’s furthest point from the Earth. The story behind the name is in the Kabbal or pre-Bible days. Lillith was the first woman partner God gave to Adam. But Lillith refused to submit to Adam so God took a rib from Adam and formed Eve. BML in our Natal Chart shows our 5D ‘Superhero’ powers. Or the types of ways we access 5D awareness.

Transiting BML in Pisces has made us all, but especially Aries Sun, permeable to other peoples’ subconscious Karmic junk. You can’t easily block out their energy and you may wonder why you have been so challenged over the last 4 months to do so. But as she applies to Neptune, it can feel like a double-whammy of this energy. It may be best to recognize other subconscious fears and ‘bad energy’ and avoid those types of people for the next 4 months as she completes her Transit of Pisces.

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Saturday, Sep 21

At 12:44pm Jupiter at 17:00 Sagittarius Squares Neptune Rx at 17:00 Pisces.

If you have been excessively drinking or drugging, this Square that has been in orb over the 10+ months. This is Jupiter’s 3rd Square to Neptune: Jan 13 at 14:23; Jun 16 at 18:43 and today. Jupiter expands things and Neptune in your chart/life is either full of old Karmic stuff you haven’t released or has become a pretty clear channel of unconditional love. The Square can make it challenging to feel much upside between these 2 Planets, however.

Typically the dissolving in the area of our lives from Neptune (where we have 14-18 Pisces this year) has seemed like even a bigger void than before. With the 1st Square many people were overdoing their escapism tendencies: drinking, drugging, video-gaming, sleeping, avoiding, etc. By the 2nd Square many were realizing they needed to get a handle on things and this is where the upside of Jupiter comes into play. We can develop a higher consciousness response to what is happening and oftentimes people willingly, or are forced, to abandon their addictions.

By the 3rd Square there really should be something we can see from a Higher Mind perspective: our physical reality is not as FIXED as our 3D/Mercury mind would like us to believe. Through spiritual/philosophical/global perspectives we can rise out of the void and take in the bigger constructs of what we call ‘life.’

Do tend to your liver if you have been overdoing as Jupiter and Neptune in hard aspect ‘dissolve’ the liver (Jupiter rules it).

NOTE: From Monday for the next week, BML will be in tight orb of a Conjunction to Neptune. Do help out those Aries Sun friends of yours as they grapple with all of this in their truest sense of a subconscious House.

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