Balancing Home & Career & the Equinox – Sep 22/23

Sunday, Sep 22, EST

At 12:19pm Mercury at 13:55 Libra Squares Saturn at 13:55 Capricorn.

Saturn is still sitting at the exact degree and minute of his Direct Station on Wednesday morning. There is a powerful message here that Mercury will likely express in some harsh or stern way. Though in Libra, Saturn and the Square can make the expression less refined. Or it could come across like all those Southern gals who say one thing nicely, but really mean something else. Or you may just see how you need to better balance home and career in order to keep your relationships healthy. This is the 3/4 point of these 2 Planets current cycle. Can you detect what has been ongoing in your career plans and objectives this year?

At 7:43pm Mercury at 14:25 Libra Squares the North Node at 14:25 Cancer.

Now we get the 2nd look at how we are balancing home and career needs. The North Node is saying, “Do more family” and the South Node Conjunct Saturn right now is saying, “Too much career stuff is draining.” How does this axis affect your primary relationships? Your closest friends may feel that you have been working too much on family needs, or with mom, and they could feel a bit neglected. You will speak about the balance you need to strike here.

Monday, Sep 23

At 2:02am the Sun at 29:56 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 5:56 Taurus.

Effortless/magical unexpected, inspired clarity around work, health, fitness, duty, service and our own resources or philanthropy. You can see how your service has been changing up the ways you acquire resources. Or you see ways that you would like to lighten your belongings in order to be of more service to others.

At 3:50am the Sun Ingresses Libra creating the Fall/Spring Equlnox.

Fall/Spring Equinox, Sep 23, 3:51am EST

The Sun rules real-time and when the Sun Ingresses a Cardinal Sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) it signals the beginning of a new season. The Equinox is Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Summer Hemisphere. The chart at the Sun’s Ingress is in play for the 90-day cycle of that season.

Looking at the Equinox chart for EST zone (ASC varies based on your location), Uranus Rx is Conjunct the Midheaven and still in very tight orb of the Biquintile to the Sun (the Biquintile applies to all timezones). It should be a great season for relating-ships (though they could bring changes), unexpected attractions, inspiration for new ways to acquire or share your resources with others.

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