Our Desires Hang in the Balance – Sep 25

Wednesday, Sep 25, EST

At 3:20pm Venus at 13:57 Libra Squares Saturn at 13:57 Capricorn.

Venus is following Mercury through a T-Square with the Nodes of Fate and Saturn. Mercury made these same aspects on Sunday. Now our desires are in the mix with what we want from our career and how to balance it with home, family and our personal relationships. Venus in Libra wants everyone to get along and Saturn is keeping us in check by moving slow so we build some career foundation that lasts. It is in Capricorn that the family receives the bread via the ‘father’ traditionally or typically. But women can just as easily be the career-minded, breadwinner and we all know the challenge of balancing home and career. It impacts our closest relationships as well. That is this T-Square in a nutshell. Perhaps Venus is looking to use her partner’s resources in order to make a move in securing new career objectives. Its going to create a bit of a challenge today.

At 10:02pm Venus at 14:18 Libra Squares the North Node at 14:18 Cancer.

Here Venus will be feeling the pull towards doing more nurturing and caring than bringing home all the bacon. There can be too much focus placed on moving up the ladder and here she gets to see how it benefits her relationships to be more nurturing and to keep the home fires burning and keep the home beautiful. The North Node is calling each of us to put family ahead of career right now, though Saturn is a stern taskmaster and needs to be heeded as well. The South Node Conjunct Saturn can mean that the career end of things is a bit draining right now. So Venus is in a bit of a pickle as she sorts out what she wants and what she values.

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