Toxic Absorption, Power Plays and Gratitude – Sep 26

Thursday, Sep 26, EST

Over the last few days and the next week yet, Black Moon Lillith at 16+ Pisces is Conjunct Neptune Rx at 16+ Pisces. This really emphasizing our ability to absorb other people’s subconscious anxieties and fears. If you don’t have this type of energy in your Natal Chart, it can be very difficult to manage. Sleepless nights are common with this type of placement. But so is being unable to protect yourself against the negativity of others. It can feel more like Kyrptonite than anything 5D. So be gentle with yourself and accept whatever happens with the grace of non-judgment. Or get yourself away from toxic people the minute you sense them;) I’m not really kidding! Lol.

Just step away from the negativity

At 7:52pm Mercury at 20:39 Libra Square Pluto Rx at 20:39 Capricorn.

This aspect has been applying all day and could bring some power-play words, suspicious words or a misuse of authority in relationships. Pluto is just one minute from his Direct Station that occurs on Oct 3 so he is slowing down and bringing up some abusive patterns to us. Mercury in Libra wants all expressions to be more balanced and refined. Pluto could care less about keeping things calm on the surface, which Libra loves. And the Square can make it a bit harsh so words can be heated.

At 9:21pm the Sun at 3:40 Libra Opposes Chiron Rx at 3:40 Aries.

The Opposition is easier than the Square so see what the Sun is showing you about insecurity or lack of motivation in your relationships. With the Sun and Chiron, gratitude is the key to navigating any pain and rising above it. You can SEE how your Soul has asked for these lessons and be grateful for the experience… end of lesson.

For the last month and more acutely right now, Transiting Saturn at 13:56-14:00 degrees Capricorn right now is Conjunct both the Mean South Node (13:19) and the True South Node (14:12). Saturn will exact an Opposition to the True North Node on Saturday at 13:59 Cancer/Capricorn. Then this energy will begin to wane.

Peering into the multiverse of our lifetimes

But for now we are really in the thick of looking across Karmic situations of various/multiple lifetimes. If things just seem very wacky, ride it out. But look for the patterns that have been repeated in your life that seem to harken to deep Soulful situations. See the lessons of what you are experiencing and if this is going to stay with you or if you can move out of it when the Conjunctions separate.

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